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My New Hairstyle created by Poise Hair Studio

After years of struggling with my boring, frizzy and stubborn hair, 
I finally changed my hairstyle!

Hair is an important adornment for every woman. Having shiny, beautiful and luscious hair is every lady's dream and yeap, including me. Alright guys, if you have been following me on my blog or instagram, then you probably know that I always tie my hair up in a ponytail pleat. I have zero patience to style my hair. My friends advised me to cut my hair short and I said no way. I love to wear my hair long and pony. For some reason and eventually, I decided to change it and Poise Hair Studio was kind enough to invite me to fix my hair problems.

Last Sunday morning, I went to Poise Hair Studio for the first time and I was very impressed with the their cleanliness, ambiance, spacious and service.

Photo Credit : Poise Hair Studio
First off, I was greeted and invited to sit in their comfy chair. I picked my seat and settled down to witness my transformation.

Photo Credit : Poise Hair Studio
Photo Credit : Poise Hair Studio
Photo Credit : Poise Hair Studio

While settling into my seat, my hairstylist came over to me and introduced himself. He started off with a One-on-One hair consultation process. He asked me what I want to do with my hair. Well, I've never changed my hairstyle so it was tough for me to decide what I want to do with my hair. So he suggested to change my hairstyle and color. Initially I was reluctant because a little haircut can freak me out. Mmm... hmmm... but I told myself it's time for a change and say goodbye to my long frizzy and scary hair and let my hairstylist fix it. So I sat back and let him work his magic hands on my hair.

After the consultation, my hairstylist began cutting my hair and I saw chunks of my hair on the floor. Honestly, it didn't break my heart at all. After the haircut, my head felt so amazingly light. No more migraines and neck pains. 

Then, he coloured it to soften my features with L'Oreal (6.35% + 9% - Dark Golden Mahogany Blonde), and left it on for a while to let the color marry my hair.

Photo Credit : Poise Hair Studio
After a few minutes, he came back and took me to a relaxing hair-washing area. He then rinsed the dye from my hair, drained it and proceeded to treat my hair with Keratase Elixir Mask.

After rinsing, my hair was blow dried and beautifully styled.


Check this out guys! My hair from disaster (above) to GORGEOUS (below)!

My Thoughts
Poise Hair Studio is centrally located beside The Cathay and near to Dhoby Ghaut and Plaza Singapura. Very convenient and easy to locate the studio. 

Cosy, good furniture placement, modern interior and urbane ambiance.

Skills Performance
Absolutely professional, precise, helpful, knowledgeable and great balayage skill.

Hair Colour
He showed me the hair color chart catalogue and I picked L'Oreal (6.35% + 9% - Dark Golden Mahogany Blonde) for my hair. The colour turned out neither too dark nor too light. The color look so naturally brown under the sun. Absolutely gorgeous!!

Hair Cut
My hair is not easy to handle. Absolutely stubborn just like me. He gave me a fabulous layers and trimmed my hair to thin out my super thick hair. 

Cleanliness and Hygiene
They promptly sweep the hair from the floor after every haircut and clean the hair tools after using them. I don't know about you guys but I like the way they ascertain the cleanliness of their hair salon. Absolutely clean and hygienic. Also, to my astonishment, my super sensitive nose didn't act up and I didn't sneeze in this hair salon. 

Customer Service
The moment I stepped into the hair salon, I was greeted promptly by them and the service was quick. 

Overall Experience
I had an amazing experience at Poise Hair Studio. My hair is now no more frizz, more manageable, and easy to style. I picked up some great tips from my hairstylist on how to take care my hair and manage it. He is a very patient person and didn't complain at all. Yeap, I like hairstylists who work his/her magic on my hair without complaining and give me good results. 

I felt so happy, pretty and light when I walked out of this hair salon. I highly recommend Poise Hair Studio to anyone. I assure you will not be disappointed!

So here's the finished look.
Oh yeah... I love my fresh new hairstyle!

I got my hair cut, colored and styled by Master Stylist Qvin from Poise Hair Studio.
Thank you Master Stylist Qvin & Poise Hair Studio for bringing my hair back to life.
Finally, I've found my perfect hairstylist!

Photo Credit : Poise Hair Studio

About Poise Hair Studio 
"Poise Hair Salon prides themselves to provide premium services at affordable prices to customers who love contemporary styles and all things Japanese. They have a dedicated team of hairstylists with each having at least 8 years of experience. From Korean International stylist, Gerard to home-grown Singaporean stylist, Dave, you will definitely be able to find one whom you can entrust your beautiful tresses with. They use a high quality range of hair products from the likes of Keratase to our shop's signature Cosme cream."

Photo Credit : Poise Hair Studio

Photo Credit : Poise Hair Studio

Photo Credit : Poise Hair Studio

20 Handy Road
Singapore 229236

Tel: 63334184/85

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
11am - 9pm

Sat, Sun, PH
10.30am - 7.30pm

Find out more about Poise Hair Studio on their website

Be sure to 'LIKE' their facebook page and stay connected with their latest updates

Lots of Love

Disclaimer : I was invited for the trial session for personal review purposes only. All opinions are my own based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. Images taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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