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N°1 DE CHANEL Event at The NCO Club

On 20 March 2022, I was honoured to be invited exclusively to discover: THE EXTRAORDINARY ENERGY OF A CAMELLIA. During the event, I've discovered the unique revitalising power of the red camellia, the flower with perennial youth that lies at the heart of the next generation of holistic beauty. The red camellia is the key ingredient in N°1 DE CHANEL which helps to prevent and fight the signs of aging.  I had a great pleasure of spending a fun Sunday afternoon with CHANEL and exploring N°1 DE CHANEL Eco-Friendly New Skincare Collection. Without further ado, let's jump into it, shall we?

Rena's Seafood Mee Goreng Basah Recipe

  Hello, Hello, My Friends!! Yeap I know, I know, it's been quite a long time since I made my last post on this blog. So yeah, as promised, today I wanna share my favorite mouthwatering recipe, Rena's Seafood Mee Goreng Basah! Psst... this Mee Goreng recipe is MY STYLE yah..hehhehhe..... Alrighty, without further ado, let's jump into the recipe! Ingredients: 3 tablespoons cooking oil 3 Grade A eggs 1 big onion (peeled and sliced) 420G LG yellow noodles (rinsed and drained) 350g bean sprouts (rinsed and drained) 250g chye sims 500g prawns 2 fishcakes (cut follow your style)  1 tomato (cut into wedges) Cilantro and Cucumber (sliced for garnishing) Chilli Paste Ingredients:  10 to 20 dried chillies 2 tablespoons of cooking oil 3 tablespoons Gilda tomato puree 1 tablespoons Habhal sweet soy sauce 1 teaspoon chicken seasoning powder 1 teaspoons anchovy seasoning powder some shrimp paste Sugar and salt to taste Instructions:  Chilli Paste Soak dried chillis in hot water for 30min