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Clear Snow White Skin with Lynn Aesthetic Snow White Facial Treatment

Hello Gorgeous! A week ago, I went to Lynn Aesthetic for my monthly beauty ritual. They suggested me to try their unique and relaxing facial called Snow White Facial Treatment. Hmm... I never heard of this treatment before so I thought. let's give this a try!

ALTHEA Beauty Box Unboxing

Hello Gorgeous! I am back with ALTHEA Beauty Box Unboxing and Mini Review! Woot! Woot! This time my ALTHEA Beauty Box is very heavy. I'm completely happy with I got from ALTHEA. Okay babes, I'm pretty sure you want to find out what I got from them, right? So without further ado, let's jump into everything!


Hello My Beautiful Friends! Do you think you should skip your face serum step? Nope, I don't think so babe. Serum plays a vital role in keeping our skin hydrated, nourished and strengthening skin cells. You should add serum to your skincare routine. Remember, you are neither too young nor too old to start with a serum. No matter how tired I am, I will always slap on serum without fail. But before you slap on serum, make sure you get the right serum for your skin type. You know me, I am blessed with combination and super sensitive skin. I can't just slap on any kind of products or my skin will go haywire. Anyhoo, being a Beauty Blogger and Beauty Enthusiast, I'm always curious to try new products. So today, I'm going to share with you my current serum. Let's check it out!

Double Loveliness Hi-Tea Blooming Flower Tea

Hello My Beautiful Friends! I know it has been awhile since I did a tea review. So today, I've decided to share with you my favorite brand of tea, Hi-Tea! This brand carries a wide variety of aromatic & irresistibly good Flower Tea, Blooming Tea and Fruit Tea. They are selling not just the precious tea but also help educate their customers about the goodness of Flower Teas and the great amount of benefits it has to our health.  A few days ago, I tried Hi-Tea Blooming Tea 'Double Loveliness'! OMG babes, I seriously fell in love with this flower tea at first sight. Alrighty, without further ado, let's jump into my thoughts on this precious tea! 

Affordable Beauty Products from KARMART

Hello My Beautiful Friends! Do you typically purchase your beauty products online? For me, I always purchase my beauty products online because it's really convenient and saves my time. All I need to do is to let my fingers do the shopping and the items ordered will appear at my doorstep. How cool is that! Mmm... hmmm...  So yeah, let's talk about my current favorite cosmetics and beauty online store, KARMART! They provide all kind of beauty products at affordable prices and carry brands such as Cathy Doll, Baby Bright, Jejuvita, Reunrom, Cathy Choo and Crayon. I got myself a few products from KARMART and here's what I thought!

Take Control Your Acne With MD/AA Jiao

Hello My Beautiful Friends! Do you sometimes experience the occasional breakout? Oh yes I do and I really hate that! So how to control them? Well, all you need is to choose the right skincare products that suitable for your skin type and condition. I know, I know, there are so many good skincare brands out there, and I know it's hard to choose. So what I usually do, I will choose a product that is suitable for all skin type and gentle enough to use daily. Alrighty, let's get back to our topic. So yeah, I will cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily and when a pimple pop up, I will dab it with a small dot of spot treatment. Recently, I've tried out a new cleanser and spot treatment and here's what I thought.    

Instant Facial Lift With EHA Crystal Lift Treatment

It's never too late or too early to start taking care of your skin, babes. Well, of course, the more you put effort to take care of your skin, the easier you banish all the problems and keep your skin in good shape. We need a facial once a month to maintain and keep your skin under control. Therefore, no matter how busy I am, I will make an effort to find time to run back to EHA skincare for skin care treatments.  Recently, I tried out EHA Crystal Lift Treatment. specially developed for lifting sagging skin and lightening pigmentation. This product works on the superficial layers of the skin causing protein denaturation and the stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. The acid strength of TCA drastically decreased thanks to its modulation with stabilising agents. This is the reason why epidermal cells remaim almost unaltered (the greatest skin reaction that may be obtained is a furfuraceous exfoliation). Does it sound gorgeous to you? Yes? Alrig

Printcious : My Ultimate Favorite Online Customize Gift Store

Hello My Friends! Yeap, I'm back with another customized gift guide. If you have been following me here, you probably know that I always loved giving customized gifts to my loved ones. It's all about being creative and absolutely nice to have that special touch to gifts. They are unique and can be easily customized and purchase on Printcious !  You guys know that I am a die hard of Printcious fan. At best they offer customized memorable gifts such as cushion, keychains, mugs and many more. This time around I got 3 customized gifts from them and here they are!

Get Glam with Guerlain

Hello My Beautiful Friends! Unequivocally I can say that GUERLAIN is the best and one of my favorites. I love all things glam and luxe, and I want to share my magnificient experience with GUERLAIN Meteorites Light Revealing Pearls of Powder and Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator.