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Pretty Crystal Grey from LENSFLAVORS

Well Hello Gorgeous! Introducing my current favorite pair of circle lenses. Pretty Crystal Grey! I got them from LENSFLAVORS. Personally, I love, love, love them because they are super comfortable and always make me look younger and stylish. So yeah, I'm sure you babes want to find out more about this pair. Without further ado, let's jump right into everything, shall we?

Eliminate Pains with Moxibustion

Hello Gorgeous! Have you heard what is Moxibustion? Yes? No? Who me? Well, seriously babes, I have never heard of this treatment for pain before. I spent a few hours on google to find out a little bit more about the treatment and also to make sure that this treatment will not make me scream like a Banshee. Yeah, you know me well, I hate pain and I will scream at the slightest pain. Alright darlings, I'll stop rambling now and let's talk about Moxibustion and my experience. So let's Rock N Roll!