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How to Fix Broken Pressed Powder

Okay Babes! I dropped my pressed powder this morning and it smashed without mercy. Oh yes, I was initially freaked out and thought of throwing it away in the trash bin. After a second thought, I should give it a second chance. Let's fix it! So without further ado, lemme show y'all step by step how to rescue a broken pressed powder.

Grab Your Feebies/Samples : Listerine Green Tea / Bio-Essence Inchloss Body Cream

Hello Beauties!  I received another beauty samples to try and wanna share 'em with y'all! So without further ado, let's check 'em out!
*Please be informed that these freebies/samples are only valid for Singapore address. Listerine Green Tea Review This mouthwash is mild, refreshing, sting free and tastes just like Green Tea. I don't use mouthwash daily because most of them are too strong tasting. After using Listerine Natural Green Tea, I find that this is gonna be my new favorite mouthwash. I can use it everyday!
If  you ask me whether I will repurchase this Listerine Natural Green Tea, my answer is Yes! 
How to Redeem If you'd like to try it out, redeem your free trial sample here :
Bio-Essence Inchloss Body Cream Review Bio-Essence Inchloss Body Cream is packed with bio-heat active ingredients to burn your fats. You can apply the cream on your tummy, thighs, legs and arms. Massage in circular motions. I applie…

Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Films' - THE LONE RANGER

Oh yeah Momma! I love Johnny Depp!  I am so excited and can't wait to see "THE LONE RANGER"!  Alrighty! Let me share y'all a lil' bit bout this movie.
From the team that brought you "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN", now comes Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer Films' "THE LONE RANGER"! 

Starring none other than JOHNNY DEPP, not a "savvy-ing" pirate this time but a Native American spiritual warrior, TONTO, who recounts the untold tales that transformed a man of the law into a legend of justice, JOHN REID aka LONE RANGER, enacted by ARMIE HAMMER.

Hold tight to your seats for a thrilling adventure infused with action and humor, in which the famed masked hero is brought to life through new eyes. The action-packed film takes the audience on a runaway train of epic surprises and humorous friction as the two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption.

"THE LONE RANGER" also stars Tom Wilkinson, William…

BrandBox - FREE unisex curated box service. Subscribe now!


Hello Loves!  Check this out!
Alright! What is BrandBox?  Brandbox is Singapore first FREE unisex curated box service in Singapore that fills with Special Treats. It helps you discover the latest products and services.  Say Whaaat? Free? Yeap! No subscription fee, no monthly fee, it's totally Free but valid for Singapore address only.
Just for you my dear friends, Brandbox will choose a handful of amazing products and services, place it nicely in their BrandBox and freshly hand-deliver directly to your doorsteps. A typical Brandbox consist of everything from skincare, toiletries, beauty accessories, vouchers deals coupons and lots more.
If you wanna get it, you've gotta hurry! They will send out the Brandbox to the first 1000 members only.
Subscribe to their Brandbox now! Website :
Like their Facebook FB :

Bloggers' Nite @ Le Bunny Bleu


I had the pleasure of being invited to a Bloggers' Nite @ Le Bunny Bleu on 11th June 2013. It was an awesome Bloggers' Nite out with fellow Bloggers and Le Bunny Bleu's employees. Soooo...... upon my arrival, I was greeted by Mr Dennis Tan who welcomed and showed me their adorable and unique collection of shoes. If you know me, I am a Shoe Freak! I love shopping for new shoes. My momma said, I should open a shoe store because I own more than 20 pairs of shoes excluding sports and dancing shoes. I don't think I have a lot of shoes....hmmm..... I should have at least 100 pairs of shoes! Um...Hummmm..... 
Alright, alright, I'll stop yakking and let's jump right in!

Grab Your Freebies/Samples : Curel

Hi My Beautiful Friends!
So I received more free stuff/samples in my mailbox and wanna share 1 of 'em with y'all. This is the Free stuff/sample that I received in my mailbox recently.

*Please be informed that these freebies/samples are only valid for Singapore address.
Curel Singapore The kit consists of 4 products:
Body WashMoisture MilkMoisture Hand CreamUV Protection MilkReview I sweat easily and have sensitive skin (dry and red patches), especially my arms, inside of my elbow and around my waist. So I have to be really careful about what products I use. Curel claims of protecting skin from sensitive problems.  Hmm....  I was skeptical at first but I trusted my instinct and gave 'em a try and so glad I did.  My sensitive skin love Curel! At last, I found body care products that work for me. 
If you ask me whether I will repurchase these Curel Singapore Body Wash products, my answer is YES! I will definitely repurchase  'em when my current one runs out.

Review : Starry Eyes with Star Lash!

*Sponsored Review

Alright Dolls! On May 16, 2013, I attended the Star Lash "Complete the Look" Workshop organized by Beauty Direct. Each attendee received a complimentary Star Lash door gift that included : An Eyelash Curler A pair of Upper False Eyelashes A pair of Lower False Eyelashes, 2 Automatic Gel Eyeliner Pencil (Midnight Blue & Black Glitter)Eyelash GlueEye Makeup Remover/Corrector
I promised you that I'd be reviewing the Star Lash products, so here's the scoop!

Review : The Skin Shop IRIS CC Cream

*Sponsored Review

Hi Beauties! In my recent post "Homemade Makeup: BB Cream", I explained into details what are BB Creams and how to DIY. Today, I wanna share my first experience with IRIS CC Cream with y'all. Hmmmm.... by now, you probably have heard a lot of BB Cream but have you heard of CC Cream?  Wanna know more about this next door girl?  Let's dive right into the realm of CC Cream and rock the world!