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E'SIWIA 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask For Youthful Skin + Contests + Free Sample

Hello My Beautiful Friends!  Today I will be reviewing the E'SIWIA 3D Snail Serum Facial Sheet Mask that really works for me. I genuinely love this mask!

EHA Hydra Serum Launch Party + Review

Hello Gorgeous! I recently attended the new EHA Hydra Serum launch party at EHA Skincare. I had a great pleasure spending my evening with amazing people, good food, healthy sparkling fruit beverage and of course, good quality beauty products! There were so many products sitting pretty on the display shelves & counter top. EHA beauty specialists were also there to assist the guests to try out EHA skincare products and share their beauty secrets. As usual, I walked around the display shelves & counter and checked out their new and existing products. I've learned a lot about their product ingredients and benefits. I had a really great time at the party! At the end of the party. each guest received a lovely goodie bag filled with EHA products including Hydra Serum and Moisturising Gel. Read my review at the bottom of this post.

Giftopia Event by Sample Store

Hello My Beautiful Friends! Last Saturday, I attended a great event at Raffles City Atrium. The event was 'GIFTOPIA' hosted by Sample Store. Oh yeah! I had a great pleasure of spending a fun Saturday afternoon with fellow Influencers, Sample Store team and exploring endless top notch beauty products and brands from Taiwan, Korea and other countries. There were tons of amazing discounts at this amazing event. And yeah, nothing beats than being surrounded by best beauty products at low prices!

Lovely Korean Beauty Products from Seatree

Hello My Beautiful Friends!  Have you heard or tried a natural Korean Beauty brand called Seatree? Yes? No?  Anyhoo, yoohoo... let me tell you a little bit about Seatree!  

My First Self Portrait on Canvas!

Hello Gorgeous! I just received my first self portrait canvas print and absolutely L.O.V.E it. Ooooh...... I am over the moon at this moment. My picture looks absolutely gorgeous on the canvas. Ahem... ahem... alright..alright... let's dive right in, shall we? 

Giftopia Influencers Tea Party with Sample Store + Giftopia Upcoming Events Shout Out!

I recently had the pleasure of attending ' Giftopia Influencers Tea Party" hosted by Sample Store . It was an afternoon filled with so much fun, laughter, pizzaz and goodies. I had an absolutely great time indulging myself with pizzaz and coconut juice from Vita Coco. Yum! Of course! I also had a great time hanging out with fellow Sample Store Influencers.  During this tea party, we had the privilege of an exclusive preview of the New website revamp which they will be unveiling on the 15 October at Raffles City. We got to test their new website and feedback any improvements before the official launch. Apart from that, they also updated us about the Giftopia Movement and their upcoming events. Details can be found at the bottom of this post. But before you jump into the details, let's enjoy some pictures from the party!

Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink for Great Skin

Hello my beautiful friends, today I will be reviewing Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink.  This delicious beauty drink completes my beauty regime and I can't live without it. Well, I'm pretty sure you  are curious to find out more about it. So now, without further ado, let's jump into the review, shall we?

Simply Magical! Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Lenses from Pinky Paradise!

Hello My Beautiful Friends! I'm back again with my current fave circle lenses. Woohoo! Okay now, if you have been following me here, then you probably know that I will always pick my favorite grey circle lenses. So for this time around, I picked green circle lenses for a little change. Honestly, I was a little worried about the color but when the lenses arrived I was pleasantly surprised. This green really suits me!  So without further ado, let's jump into everything and find out.