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Balajiwafers Nacho Launch Party and Mini Product Review

  On 27 March 2022, I was invited to a closed-door Balajiwafers Nacho launch event to try out their new flavors of old favorites. During the event, I tried their unique flavors of potato chips, won a lucky draw, made new friends, enjoyed yummy vegetarian bento and had a great time taking photos with fellow influencers.  So without further ado, let's jump into the party! THE PAR- TAY I won a box of Balaji Wafers Chips! My lucky number was 27! GOODIE BAG The generous goodie bag set is filled with a plethora of Balaji Wafers chips and silicone Melody hand sanitiser holder. So cute! With Balaji's CEO PRODUCT REVIEW Masala Shing Peanuts These peanuts are one of the healthier nuts available.  A bit spicy but tasty. Chataka Pataka Flamin Hot An absolutely spicy snack! I can't take it.  My tongue burned when I had one small piece of it.  This is for spicy food lovers.  Nimbu Chatka Shing Bhujia This is a yummy exotic blend of roasted peanuts with the tangy taste of lemons. You can