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My Luxury Experience @ Botanics Creation

Botanics Creation offers a full range of hair services such as hair styling, blow-dry, perms and hair coloring. In addition,  Botanics Creation also offers a full selection of botanical scalp treatments and products in collaboration with the natural haircare experts, Secret Professionel by Phyto.

Let's Talk Coach!

Well hello Babes, if you have been following me for a little while, then you probably know that I am a huge fan of COACH , especially their bags and accessories. I planned to buy myself a couple of new handbags, wallets and bracelets by COACH. I must say their handbags and wallets are well made, affordable and durable. Their bracelets are cute to wear alone or layered with other bracelets and a watch. 
Now, guess what, I have been eyeing COACH's trench coats lately and they are everywhere. Okay babes, I hail from Singapore and someone told me that trench coats are too warm or irrational to wear here. Well, I totally disagree because I can still strut around town looking cute in trench coat on a rainy day! Aaah... my love for trench coats will never fade. It's because they are beyond versatile, timeless and tres chic! And usually I wear my trench coat over graphic shirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans and utility boots. 
So today, I picked out some of my favorites handbags, wal…

Delish Christmas Menu @ Breeks Cafe

Breeks Cafe is an American-styled cafe that offers a wide range of affordable, fresh and delicious casual western-styled comfort food. This halal-certified cafe has 2 outlets in Singapore, located at City Square Mall and Ngee Ann City. They recently introduced 2 limited edition Christmas set meals for the festive period, from 16th December 2015 to 3rd January 2016.

Puressentiel Singapore Launch Event

Puressentiel is the European leader in aromatherapy products sold in pharmacies. This leading French aromatherapy brand recently hit our shore this year and we are the first Asian country to launch, Puressentiel!

Poh Heng's Baubles of Joy For Your Loved Ones

Ho...Ho... Ho!! Hello My Friends! Christmas is approaching, it's time to start thinking what to get for your loved ones. If you have no idea, well, I'd suggest you to get either Poh Heng's Bauble of Joy - Citrine or Poh Heng's Bauble of Joy - Amethyst, or both! They are absolutely the most perfect gift for your loved ones.

Bauble of Joy - Amethyst

Bauble of Joy in Sparkling Amethyst draws attention with its sparkling Amethyst band that encompasses 18k rose gold encrusted with brilliant-cut diamonds. The vivid jewel tone of Amethyst exudes classic glamour and is high on versatility which makes it incredibly wearable beyond special occasions. Match this pendant with a number of outfits, such as a basic ensemble of a white fluffer top with jeans, or an evening gown for a touch of opulence.

Bauble of Joy - Citrine
Bauble of Joy in Dazzling Citrine features a ring of regal Citrine gems, encircling an 18k yellow gold flurry of heart-shaped swirls, with vivid brilliant-cut dia…

Donuts 'N' Flamingoes Tea Party @ Honeyz Paint House

I believe a picture speaks a thousand words, and words can't describe how much I heart this fabulous tea party!

Passhen Beauty Week : Japanese Cosplay Makeup Magic

Hello Gorgeous! As promised in my previous post, here's a throwback to my experience on 'Japanese Cosplay Makeup Magic' workshop organized by Passhen.
This was my last workshop for Passhen and the experienced was SUPER AWESOME!

Passhen Beauty Week : Beauty Secrets From The Kitchen

Hello Gorgeous! As promised in my previous post, here's a throwback to my experience on 'Beauty Secrets From The Kitchen' workshop organized by Passhen.

Passhen Beauty Week : Shape Your Windows To Your Soul

Hello Gorgeous! As promised in my previous blog post, here's a throwback to my experience on 'Shape Your Windows To Your Soul' workshop organized by Passhen.

Passhen Beauty Week : Basic Gel Manicure Workshop

Passhen Beauty Week 2015 kicked off in style from 16 to 21 November. If you babes have been following me here, you probably know that I got a workshop pass! This allowed me to attend 3 workshops of my choice - (#1.Basic Gel Manicure Workshop, #2. Shape Your Windows to Your Soul & #3. Beauty Secrets from the Kitchen). Guess what babes? I just can't get enough of workshops so I purchased a ticket Japanese Cosplay Makeup Magic workshop. The workshops were all really fun, informative and interactive.

DJ Carboxy Therapy Mask & Pure Vitamin C Review

Hello Gorgeous! Today I am going to be reviewing DJ Carboxy Therapy Mask and Pure Vitamin C which I've been slapping on my face for a month. They are pretty amazing! And why are these 2 products amazing to me? Well Babes, let's jump right in!