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Sardines Ayam Brand & Recipe.

Oh Hey Dolls!  Ahem... Guess what? I'm one of the 200 participants who have won canned Sardines Ayam Brand! YEEHAA!

Honeyz Cube - The Ultimate Beauty Encyclopedia for Women

Calling all Beauty Lovers! I would love to invite y'all to join Honeyz Cube - The Ultimate Beauty Encyclopedia for Women. This awesome site is your source to instant beauty, skincare and cosmetic reviews.  Honeyz Cube is a place for like minded beauty lovers to discover, learn, vote, share and discuss the best beauty and health products in every category such as Skincare, Makeup, Hair, Fragrance, Body and Organic plus you will receive latest news, lotsa samples and giveaways. I know, very long sentence without a full stop. Yeah, I don't care Yo!  Okay now, how to become a member of Honeyz Cube? Easy Peasy. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below. Visit Honeyz Cube. Once you arrived this awesome site, create your free account and log in. Vote your fave products by clicking on their respective 'Cube it!' buttons. Earn and accumulate CubePoints thru' voting, reviews and referrals. Accumulate and redeem your cu

My Photo Blog - Tumblr

Hey Everyone! Do you guys love taking photos? Who? Me? Oh YESSh! I love photography but am not a professional photographer. Anyhoo, Yoohoo, I just love taking photos of anything and everything.   So here I wanna share my   for visual treasures & inspirations with ya'll. Check out my tumblr for my almost daily photo updates. Click the link >> Enjoy! Love

ORBIS Cleansing Liquid Review

Photo Courtesy by ORBIS I confess, I am a Cosmoholic! I have been living in Beauty Paradise since my teenage years. As a Cosmoholic I try out a lot of random products over the years. Nope, I'm not blessed with uber clear porcelain skin. My skin breaks out sometimes especially around my chin and on my nose tip. Yeah, I know, not cute at all. In order to keep breakouts at bay, I invest a lot of time taking care of my skin. Oh yeah, it takes a lot of hard work but really pays off! Daily skin care is important but for me a good cleanser plays a vital role in my entire skin care routine. Currently I am using ORBIS Cleansing Liquid, the best selling "ORBIS' #1 product". So let's find out more about this product, shall we?

FIDe Fashion Weeks 2013 - Guo Pei (China)

Hello Loves! As promised, I'm back with the third (last) show of FIDe Fashion Weeks 2013. The third (last) show featured creations by Guo Pei. Beijing-born Guo Pei is one of the most well-known in China's fashion scene. The famous designer has been designing Haute Couture in Beijing through her Atelier "Mei Gui Fang" or "Rose Studio" for many years. Guo Pei's creations exude Oriental culture, with a blend of classic fantasy and modern avant-garde. She has created dresses for A-List stars such as Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Zhang Ziyi, Lady Gaga and many others.

FIDe Fashion Weeks 2013 - Vatit Itthi (Thailand)

Hey Loves! As promised, I'm back with the second show of FIDe Fashion Weeks 2013.  The second show featured creations by Vatit Itthi. Thailand designer duo Vatit Virashpanth and Itthi Metanee are the creators behind Vatit Itthi, famous for their custom-made evening and wedding gowns but also have a ready-to-wear line.  On October 16, Vatit Itthi showcased their latest creations at FIDe Fashion Weeks 2013. It was an awesome evening and the models looked amazing in Vatit Itthi creations. Here are some pictures from Vatit Itthi. At the end of the show, the talented duo  Vatit Virashpanth and Itthi Metanee accompanied by a model, came out to loud cheers and applause.  After the show, guests were ushered to the lounge area where they can chat and mill around while waiting for the last fashion show to start. Stay tuned for photos from the last fashion show. The photos will be posted on this blog soon afterward. Love Disclosure : I wa

FIDe Fashion Weeks 2013 - Michael Cinco (Philippines)

FIDe Fashion Weeks 2013 is the largest and prestigious fashion event on the property of Marina Bay Sands over an 11 days, from  9 to 19 October 2013.  This world-class fashion event will see over 30 inspiring presentations of the latest season's Men's and Women's Pret-a-Porter and Couture labels.  Please visit FIDe Fashion Weeks 2013 for more details and information. I was so excited to be selected and invited by Moonberry to attend FIDe Fashion Weeks 2013 on 16 October 2013. I attended 3 fashion shows, Michael Cinco (Philippines), Vatit Itthi (Thailand) and Guo Pei (China) in one evening. It was an amazing evening of fashions with gorgeous couture creations on show. 

GUESS Fall/Winter Fashion Show

I am a "Die Hard" fan of GUESS! I've been wearing GUESS watches and shoes for many years. Y'all know what? I was recently invited to attend GUESS Fall/Winter Fashion show held at Paragon Orchard. Models were wearing boots, gorgeous heels, fall and winter clothes. I had a lot of fun rubbing shoulders with fellow fashionistas and great fashionable people. It was fantastic night! Alright, let's jump into the Fashion show and Rock 'N' Roll!

Yeehaa! I've won Mane 'N Tail Gift Hamper!

Hey Guys! I've won Mane 'N Tail Gift Hamper worth $59.60! Yay!! The hamper consists of the following amazing products: 1. Mane 'n Tail Original Shampoo x 1 2. Mane 'n Tail Original Conditioner x 1 3. Herbal Gro Collection x 1 Herbal Gro Collection x 1 Mane 'n Tail is described as a cult favorite among beauty aficionados. Ahem... one of the beauty aficionados is me. The Original shampoo and conditioner was created for the manes and tails of show horses 40 years ago. Later they became popular among humans for use. Mane 'n Tail promotes healthy hair growth.  Let's check it out a lil' bit more about the products, shall we?

Exclusive Nylon x Tangs Printed Scarves

Hello My Friends! Today's entry is short and sweet. I just collected *Nylon x Tangs Printed Scarves from Nylon Magazine. *Limited to 200 guests who attended Tangs Summer Event 2013. Tangs Summer Event 2013? Check it out here . Thank you so much for stopping by and have a nice day ahead! Love Disclosure : Invited by Tangs to attend Summer Event and received complimentary products. I am not affiliated with Tangs and any brands above-mentioned and not getting paid for this post. Images above were taken by me unless otherwise stated.

Ettusais BB Launch Party!

Eh-Tu-Say. Ettusais is pronounced as Eh-Tu-Say.  It's a french phrase meaning "You Know What?" Ettusais was established by Shiseido Corporation Japan in 1991 and launched in the year 2001 in Singapore. This brand offers the amazing quality products in skincare and makeup designed specifically to suit a number of skin concerns e.g. adult acne, blemishes, excess sebum, visible pores, dark circles and rough skin. Ettusais encourages women to express their individual beauty and enjoy the things that matter in life.  Pssst.....Ettusais? A couple days ago, I attended the Ettusais Launch Party for their two new products, BBs - Back to the Baby! Woohoo.... kinda excited about these two new additions to their best-selling BB range. The party was to learn more about the new products, how to achieve that flawless bright baby skin, understand more about individual's skin type and enjoy exclusive deals.  Alrighty, let's jump right into the Par-Tay, sha


(Photo Courtesy by ORBIS) I had the ultimate pleasure of being invited to be part of the ORBIS Focus Group. To be honest, I had heard about ORBIS but never tried their products before.  Uber excited to dive in! So without further adieu, let's dive in deeper to learn more about ORBIS! Yeehaa!