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Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise & Influencers Gathering Party

Hello My Beautiful Friends! Yoohoo... I recently had the pleasure attending "Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise & Influencers Gathering Party" hosted by Sample Store. It was held at Waterway Point, located in the town of Punggol New Town.

This party consisted of a brief introductory speech of the Sample Store Shoppers' Paradise event, and Beauty Keeper products and ambassador program. It was an afternoon filled with lotsa awesome goodies, laughter, fun and delicious food. I had an absolutely great time indulging with colorful chicken burger, seafood fried rice, yummy caesar salad and many more.  Yum! Yum! I had a wonderful time hanging out with fellow Sample Store influencers!


Beauty Keeper


They served delicious lunch at the party to match the party's theme, all about beauty and fun! You can check out more about these yummerz at Brunches Cafe.


The party was held in Waterway Point's Party Room equipped with necessary room facilities and neat surrounding. The Party Room was launched in March and is now open for booking. See image above for their rental rates and it includes the following:
  • pantry area with refrigerator, hot water dispenser and sink.
  • 2 tables, 8 chairs and 8 children stools.
  • television for music/Video playback (connection by USB or HDM).


Woohoo! At the end of the event, each blogger went back home with goodie bags filled with awesome items. Unfortunately, I didn't receive goodie bag from nubox because they supplied limited number of sets. Sob.. sob.. Anyhoo, it's ok. I'm happy with the goodie bags I received from Juscool, Beauty Keeper, PadeveSG and Cash Vouchers from Sample Store. 

Diamond Glow Overnight Masque
Made in Korea

Klarity Diamond Glow Overnight Masque can be used for all skin types. An absolute rich overnight mask that recalls your skin's original DNA and restores to its best condition. It helps to activate and lock moisture into your skin and increase the growth of the collagen production. 

I apply this mask after cleansing and toner every night and overnight. The next morning, I cleanse my face and follow up with toner and moisturiser. My skin feels, moisturised, more hydrated and looks nourished and radiant. I am in love with its luxurious texture and alluring scent.

During the event, I took my chance to spin the wheel and won a 100ml bottle of Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem. It is a cleansing astringent toner that can be used for Normal and Oily Skin. It leaves my skin feeling refresh and extra clean. I love the product but I don't like the scent, because it's so over-powering. Overall, my skin loves it.

Alrighty, I will not reveal the contents of the goodie bags from Beauty Keeper, PadeveSG and Juscool today. I will do a separate unpacking goodie bag + review soon. Stay tuned for that!


I attended the party with my Blogger Buddy and we had an amazing time and so much fun together!

Thank you Sample Store for inviting me and putting on an amazing + awesome party for bloggers.
 Thank you Beauty Keeper, JusCool and PadeveSG for the awesome goodie bags!


Disclaimer : I was invited to attend the party by Sample Store. Opinions are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this party. Images above were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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