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Take Control Your Acne With MD/AA Jiao

Hello My Beautiful Friends! Do you sometimes experience the occasional breakout? Oh yes I do and I really hate that! So how to control them? Well, all you need is to choose the right skincare products that suitable for your skin type and condition. I know, I know, there are so many good skincare brands out there, and I know it's hard to choose. So what I usually do, I will choose a product that is suitable for all skin type and gentle enough to use daily.

Alrighty, let's get back to our topic. So yeah, I will cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily and when a pimple pop up, I will dab it with a small dot of spot treatment. Recently, I've tried out a new cleanser and spot treatment and here's what I thought.


MD/AA Jiao Pulsed Mask Foaming Face Cleanser
Dermatologist's & Formula

About Pulsed Mask Foaming Face Cleanser
This product claim that it is a breakthrough face cleanser that bubbles up by itself when exposed to air. It helps to whisk away makeup and skin impurities without hand-rubbing. Cerasome Oxygen serves as the oxygen carrier which can build up a depot of molecular oxygen in deeper layers of skin to reduce the growth of anaerobic bacteria flora which is one of the major causes of acne. It has also shown efficacy in increasing the dermal hydration and softness. Soap-free and rich in amino acids, this cleanser is so gentle that it won't strip the skin of its essential moisture. It is not just a cleanser, but also increases hydration and oxygen to the skin.

The natural cold spring water derived from volcanoes near the Russia-China border is rich in minerals and trace elements to enhance skin's defense capabilities and improve its absorption of the ingredients. Aloe vera extract repairs skin and restores its balance SEBARYL and LARICYL have shown proven results in regulating sebaceous secretion and minimizing pores. This formula effectively keeps the skin clean, refreshed and healthy.

This cleanser is specially developed for acne-prone skin or skin damaged by makeup. 

This product  is dermatologist-developed.

How To Use
Use twice daily, morning and evening. No hand-rubbing needed. Applied quickly in 30 seconds and rinse off with warm water. Suitable for all skin types. 

The cleanser comes in a 50ml white opaque bottle with airless pump dispenser.

Fresh and clean scent

Light jelly-like texture

My Preferred Application Technique
  • Gently wipe away eye and face makeup with makeup removal wipes.
  • Splash entire face with warm water.
  • Pump 2 times on palm and apply it to your damp face.
  • Massage your face gently in circular motion.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Pat dry with soft towel.

My Thoughts
The product claims that the cleanser will bubble up by itself when exposed to air. I did try it out, but unfortunately I have no patience to wait so I just slap the cleanser on my face and wash like my normal facial cleanser. Anyway, this cleanser works on any skin type and even on sensitive skin. You know me, I'm blessed with a combination plus super sensitive skin, and guess what, this cleanser suits my skin perfectly. NO redness, NO itching, NO swelling and NO tight feeling after cleansing. It is gentle enough to use daily without stripping away the skin's natural oils. I noticed that this cleanser has certainly improved my skin cell turnover so I don't have to exfoliate my skin often. I only exfoliate my skin once every 3 weeks now. This cleanser is excellent but a 50ml bottle is absolutely not enough for me. I seriously need to stock up on this cleanser.


MD/AA Jiao Herbal Acne Control SOS Stick
Dermatologist's Formula

About Herbal Acne Control SOS Stick
This product claims that it contains several herbal ingredients to reduce acne redness and size. Cerasome Oxygen serves as the oxygen carrier which can build up a depot of molecular oxygen in deeper layers of the skin to reduce the growth of anaerobic bacteria flora. It decreases sebum production and diminish acne formation from inside out. TOTAROL contains natural bactericidal materials which can fight against the flora and restore skin balance. Alpha Bisabolol soothes the irritated skin and enhances its natural defense. SEBARYL and LARICYL can regulate sebaceous excretion, minimize pores and strengthen the skin defense capabilities. The seaweed extract named Phlorogine controls sebum production, hydrates and regulates the physiological pH of skin. This formula effectively removes superfluous cuticle and prevents acne-related spotting, keeping the skin clean, calm and healthy.

This herbal acne control SOS stick is suitable for all skin types. It is specially developed for skin damaged by makeup or acne-prone skin.

This product is dermatologist-developed

How To Use
Apply on acne spots after cleansing. Apply anytime when necessary.

It comes in a 2g a transparent plastic pen. To dispense the solution, all you need to do is literally twist the bottom of the pen. (See image below). 

No scent at all.

It has a thin, white, fluid texture.

My Preferred Application Technique
  • Cleanse, tone and moisturise skin.
  • Dab a little bit of the solution on acne spots, blemishes, pimples or any other problem areas.

My Thoughts
Believe it or not babes. This product works like magic. Your pimples/ blemishes/spots and all the bad gang will be like 'Now you see them, now you don't'. Everything will disappear within a couple of minutes. Alright this is really based on my experience. Yesterday morning, a giant-sized pimple was sitting pretty on my nose. So I dabbed a tiny amount of this acne solution on that horrible alien and subsided within a few minutes. To dispense the acne solution, just twist the bottom of the pen once or twice. Remember babes, a little goes a long way. 


You can purchase this serum from Don't forget to 'LIKE' their facebook and stay connected with their latest products and updates.

What is your favorite face toner?
Leave comments below.
Lots Of Love

Disclaimer : Products were received by from attending SampleStore event. Reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. Images taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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