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Venus Viva Diamond Polar RF treatment at Dermaster Singapore

Dermaster Singapore brings in the latest trends from Korea such as Ultra V Lift, Ultra Watershine. Hiko Nose Lift, Ultra Facial Contouring and many more. Dermaster Singapore is helmed by Dr. Darryl Chew, and the first and only Dermaster clinic opened in Singapore. 

Pssst.... recently, Dermaster Singapore invited me to trial the Venus Viva Diamond Polar RF
Treatment in their clinic. It was Oh!... So Awesome!

Alrighty.... without further ado, let's begin!

Upon arrival, I was greeted at the front desk promptly and ushered into a spacious and beautiful consultation room. In the consultation room, Dr. Lum, who was overseeing my treatment, invited me to sit in a comfortable chair. This was my first aesthetic treatment and I was quite nervous. 

During the consultation, I asked Dr. Lum a zillion questions about the treatment. Dr. Lum gave me her full attention, answered all my questions honestly with gracious patience. She's so friendly and professional, I felt so comfortable and relaxed. 

After the consultation, I was led into another room to begin treatment. 

The treatment started with a thorough skin cleansing, followed by applying a thick layer of gel on areas to be treated and then ran the Diamond Polar hand piece over my skin. I was so relaxed during the treatment and almost dozed off. This treatment was completed with the application of sunblock on my entire face to protect my precious skin from harmful effects of sun. 

 Picture 1
Left side: Just finished the treatment
Right side: Before treatment
I did not experience any pain at all but there was some redness, which subsided in a few minutes. 

Picture 2 - After treatment 
I did not experience any burning or tingling sensation. My skin felt instantly tighter and more lifted.

My Overall Thoughts
Overall, Venus Viva Diamond Polar RF treatment is completely safe on all skin types, effective, fast and convenient. I didn't feel any pain at all during and/or after the treatment. This non-invasive treatment was like a warm massage and yes I loved it! It can be performed during lunch hour and back to office, with no downtime. I met my client right after the treatment without any makeup on except lip gloss. She noticed that my skin looked smoother, fresher and more radiant. Woohoo! I felt awesome! 

When I woke up early next morning, I grabbed a hand mirror from my bedside table and scrutinized every inch of my face. There's no peeling, scabbing or any unwanted side effects at all. This treatment made my skin more radiant, tighter and smoother. I would absolutely recommend Venus Viva Diamond Polar RF treatment at Dermaster Singapore to anyone.

I received my treatment using this Venus Viva machine. A single work station for skin laxity, texture improvement, pore reduction, lines and wrinkles. It comes with 2 separate hand pieces to deliver 2 different treatments - FirmFX Nano Fractional RF with Smartscan and Diamond Polar. 

Ultra V cosmetic products are available at Dermaster Singapore.
I will be doing a separate post on ULTRA V Anti -Aging Line soon. Be sure to stay tuned for that!


Photo Credit : Dermaster sg
Dermaster Singapore is helmed by Dr. Darryl Chew, who trained directly under Dr Kwon Han Jin, an Aesthetic Dermatologist and Surgeon from Korea, the founder of Dermaster Network. Dr. Darryl Chew frequently visits Korea to upgrade his skills bringing his patients the latest trends in Aesthetics. Find out more about Dr. Darryl Chew here.


Dermaster Singapore clinic is gorgeously decorated, I felt so calm the moment I stepped into their clinic.
So now, let's take a mini tour around the clinic, shall we?
Photo Credit : Dermaster sg
Dermaster Singapore waiting area.

Photo Credit : Dermaster sg
Dermaster Singapore Reception Area.

Photo Credit : Dermaster sg
Dr. Darryl Chew's Consultation Room. 

Alright my dear friends, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dermaster Singapore.

Dermaster Singapore is under the umbrella of E-Medical Centre
Location : 9 Scotts Road #11-07 Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210
Contact No. : 6733 3798

Lots of Love


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