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Delicious Authentic Indonesian Cuisine at Warung Kampung

Selamat sore teman-teman tersayang! Apa kabar kalian semua? Harap kalian baik-baik saja.
Good afternoon my dear friends! How are you guys? Hope y'all are doing fine.

Guess what? My mom and I recently went to Warung Kampung located in the basement of the Central Mall at Clarke Quay. Warung Kampung serves Authentic Indonesian Cuisine with original recipe from Indonesia. Indonesian cuisine is one of the most colorful, richest and aromatic cuisines in the universe! It consists of steamed white rice accompanied by a few main dishes made of meat, fish, seafood or vegetables, and side condiment called Sambal Belacan. Uh oh! My mouth is fiercely watering just thinking about the delicious dishes at Warung Kampung. 

So guys, without further ado, let's talk about my experience at Warung Kampung and their mouth watering dishes shall we?


We went to Warung Kampung on recent Thursday afternoon and it was drizzling sporadically outside when we arrived there. Upon arrival, we were greeted warmly by Tini, the owner of Warung Kampung and invited us to sit and be comfortable. After settling into our seats we were offered drinks.

Then the food came. All the 'Lauk Pauk' (main dishes), 'Sayur-Mayur' (vegetables) and Sambal Belacan (side condiment) were laid out on our table, and we started digging in. We were delighted with everything!


Their signature dishes are Beef Rendang, Sambal Squid, BBQ Chicken and Chilli Long Bean.
So let's take a peep at each of their dishes, shall we?

Sambal Udang / Chilli Prawns
The Sambal Prawns were fresh, tasty, perfectly cooked and well-balanced flavours. 
I love Sambal Prawns. Honestly, I could eat them everyday with hot steamed white rice. Enak! 

Sambal Sotong / Chilli Squid
The squids were cooked perfectly and tender, not rubbery or chewy at all. 
The gravy was delectably piquant and slightly sweet.

I love sotong but I am not blur sotong. Anyhoo.... I love to act blur and flutter my eyelashes.
That's the reason why I need fake eyelashes in my life. Oooopsss... sorry guys, I'll stop rambling and let's get back to the subject.

Rendang Sapi / Beef Rendang
The beef cooked in well balanced gravy with perfect combination of spices. The rendang gravy tasted so heavenly good. The beef absorbed the flavour of the gravy, exuded an elegant fragrant aroma.

Rendang Ayam / Chicken Rendang
It was the perfect balance of well blended spices, and the chicken was perfectly cooked.
It will make you fill up your plate for second serving. Lip smacking good!

Perkedel Kentang / Mashed Potato Patties
These Mashed Potato Patties were made of mashed fried potatoes, perfect addition to any meal. The mashed potato patties were neither oily nor dry, neither overcooked nor undercooked and very 'Enak'!

Ikan Kicap / Fish in Soy Sauce
I'm not a huge fan of fish but my mom loves fish. Strangely enough, I love this Ikan Kicap.
The sauce was sweet not salty, light and not thick. The fish was not greasy and the skin was slightly crispy yet not over-fried. This wonderful dish is perfect for a light lunch and dinner.

Sambal Kacang Panjang / Chilli Long Beans
I loved this dish so much! The dried shrimps imparted a distinctive flavour to the dish. 
It was so tasty and not spicy. Oh gosh.. I'm drooling right now!

Telur Balado / Egg Balado
Balado is basically one of the sambals from Indonesia. 
This Egg Balado consisted of hard-boiled eggs smothered with Balado. The burst of unique flavours will make your taste buds twist and shout for more.

Sambal Terong / Chilli EggPlant
If you love egg plant or brinjal, you will love this dish. 
The eggplants absorbed the flavour of the sauce very well and very soft but not soggy.

Ayam Panggang / BBQ Chicken
Oh yeah, come to momma!
The BBQ Chicken was so tender and flavourful! 
Tips - Rip off some pieces of meat, dip into their awesome Sambal belacan (below) and eat with white rice. 

Sambal Belacan / Sambal Terasi / Chilli with Shrimp Paste
Sambal Belacan, also known as Sambal Terasi (Chili with Shrimp Paste), is often served as a condiment that is eaten with rice or noodles. Sambal belacan is a must-have side condiment because it imparts an extraordinary flavour to any dish.

OMG! Look at that! 
We demolished everything on the table except the plates, forks and spoons. 
Honestly, everything was to our liking and so delicious!

Warung Kampung offers good value set meals. 
Every set meal comes with rice and 2 types of vegetables. 

Set Meals 
Beef Rendang Set - $6.90
Chicken Set - $6.40
Prawn Set - $6.90
Sotong Set - $6.90
Fish Set - $7.40


Overall, we had a wonderful experience at Warung Kampung. Y'all should visit Warung Kampung and try out all their dishes. Their cuisine is elegantly delicious, tasty and authentic. The prices of set meals are totally reasonable. The environment absolutely clean and comfortable. We enjoyed our lunch at Warung Kampung and would definitely come back again.

Warung Kampung
Address : Clarke Quay Central #B1-56 (Next to Sticky)
Clarke Quay MRT, exit F
Opening Hours : 11.00am - 8.30pm
Tel : 8666 6699

Don't forget to Like them on their Facebook page and stay connected with their latest updates and promotions!

Come and experience authentic Indonesian cuisine at Warung Kampung @ Central Clarke Quay with your families or friends. 
Lots of Love


  1. Looks so delicious, made me hungry haha.

    I have never tried Indonesian food before but wish we had an authentic restaurant in London *0*

    恵美より ♥



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