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ORBIS PETIT SHAKE Christmas Limited Edition

Diets don't have to be boring. You don't have to eat a plate of bland food everyday. To be honest, I am not capable of eating bland food and I hate fruits. I tried various diets but failed. Fortunately, I found ORBIS One-meal Replacement PETIT SHAKE to make my life perfect!

PETIT SHAKE is an awesome nutritional supplement and available in multiple flavors. Now, I would like to inform y'all that 4 limited edition flavours of ORBIS' most popular diet food PETIT SHAKE are coming for the Christmas season. Tasty yet low-calorie PETIT SHAKE is perfect to support your diet during the gastronomic festive season. So let's check 'em out, let's YO!

Photo Courtesy by ORBIS
The 4 Christmas edition flavors are:
  • Caramel Pumpkin Pudding
  • Double Berry & White Chocolate
  • Mixed Berries
  • Cheese Mousse

Product Characteristics
Nutritious: PETIT SHAKE contains 10 kinds of vitamins, iron and water-soluble fiber. It serves as a healthy diet option, packed with the right nutritional requirements.

Great Taste: Delicious and flavoursome fruity taste with no artificial sweetener.

Low Calories: Each one-meal replacement consists of about 150kcal only, even after mixing with milk.
If you replace 750kcal meal to 150kcal to cut 600kcal every day for a month, 2.5kg* of body fat can be lost! (*calculated based on a body weight of 50kg).

Photo Courtesy by ORBIS
*Note: As a meal replacement , please do not replace more than 1 meal in a day.

ORBIS PETIT SHAKE is high in pectin. 
What is Pectin?
  • Pectin is a natural ingredient found in plants/fruits such as apples, lemon etc., and is known to have moisture retaining properties.
  • The Pectin found in strawberries enables the strawberry jam to thicken when the strawberry fruits are bring to boil.

Mini Review

Cheese Mousse

Serving per box : 100g x 2 Sachets
Price : $8.90 (including GST)

I love anything with cheese. I can't live without cheese. 
Cheese Mousse is definitely my fave shake!
It's so creamy, cheesy and comforting.
Cheese Mousse tastes divine.

Mixed Berries

Serving per box : 100g x 2 Sachets
Price : $8.90 (including GST)

Quite sweet and fruity. 
Seriously, it tastes like a Mixed Berries Ice Cream.
Absolutely refreshing and delightful!

Caramel Pumpkin Pudding

Serving per box : 100g x 2 Sachets
Price : $8.90 (including GST)

Creamy, sweet and tastes like pumpkin pudding (guilt-free). 

Double Berry & White Chocolate

Serving per box : 100g x 2 Sachets
Price : $8.90 (including GST)

It doesn't taste like a plain, boring berry shake. No, not at all.
It's tastes awesome due to the white chocolate flavoring.

Overall, I find that ORBIS 4 limited edition PETIT SHAKE are awesome. They have their own unique palette of flavours. Nutritional and flavorful, diet supplement are a fun way to stay lean with these fun treats that are low in calories.

Where to find ORBIS?
Flagship Store
Robinsons Orchard Counter (The Heeren) 260 Orchard Road
Junction 8, #01-46


 Supplement your diet with ORBIS PETIT SHAKE and Stay healthy.

Disclosure: I received all the above mentioned products from ORBIS for  review purposes. I am not getting paid for this post. Images above taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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