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Ivy Restaurant Singapore - Halal French Fusion + GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

Ivy restaurant serves authentic, unique and tasteful French Cuisine with Asian touch only using the freshest highest-quality ingredients. The halal menu is awesome, created by Chef Piotr who has had many years of training and working in the kitchen of Gordon Ramsay.

This open-concept restaurant offers al fresco dining with splendid view of the sea where you can enjoy your food and chillax. What I love about Ivy Restaurant is that you don't have to dress to the nines for dinner. You can rock your sneakers, shorts and t-shirts to the restaurant. How cool is that!

Front View of Ivy Restaurant
Surrounded by nature and trees
A perfect place to get a fine meal with a nice atmosphere

Alright now, let's have a quick tour around the restaurant, shall we? 
Available special dinner menu of the day can be viewed on a large chalkboard at the entrance of the restaurant. You can also take a look at their menu to check out their other delicious items.
For your information, they change the menu every two or three months.

Ivy Restaurant is the most perfect romantic wedding venue for couples who want something unique and different. Guests can relax, enjoy the splendid view on the natural surrounding and savour tasteful French Cuisine with Asian Touch. 

A perfect casual dining table setting for romantic dinner.

Oh yeah .... All ready to try out their tasteful dishes.


Alrighty, let me share my French Fusion food experience at Ivy Restaurant with y'all.
Don't be jelly, don't be jelly..jelly...jelly....jelly.. Alright I'll cut the crap and get on with it. Kikikki.......

Here's all the tantalizing food images and reviews.

Their fabulous slices of homemade french bread and...........

.......... their homemade butter. 

Super simple tartine but very tasty.


Caramilised leeks, truffle honey & figs chutney
hint of avocado puree

So far, I have never tried Crab Salad with Caviar (The reddish-orange small beads on top of the crab meat). My first time ever tried reddish-orange Caviar. I have tried Black Caviar but yeah, they have their own distinct colors, textures and flavors. Anyhoo.... I love Caviar, both reddish-orange and black.

Alright now, let's get back to the The Crab Salad and here's my experience with my new BFF.
  • A perfect and mighty powerful flavor combinations.
  • Presentation - Neat and Beautiful.
  • Crab meat texture - sweet, fresh with bouncy and springy texture. 
  • The Reddish Caviar -  Juicy Sweet-Sourish and a nice pop.

Served on parsnip puree and herbs

Perfectly tender texture and tasty with parsnip puree and herbs - Awesome! 


with sauteed mushrooms, baked cherry tomatoes, flat beans, spinach and carrot puree

Absolutely delicious! Tastefully dressed in a wonderfully flavorful sauce on a bed of  warm vegetables. The sauteed mushrooms - bouncy, earthy and juicy. Seriously, I love anything with mushrooms! Well of course, I love the Seabass, so moist, tender and delightful. I'm salivating right now just thinking of these babies. 

served with chunky chips and mixed salad $38.00

The Sirloin Steak, Aaaahhhhh........ so fantastically tender and flavorful. For your information, the chef uses fresh and good quality ingredients such as dry-aged for 150 days and Jus de Veau that takes 2 days to make from scratch. Wow!

As you can see in the image, those chunky chips, ooooh so good - fairly crispy on the outside and soft fluffy on the inside. So deliciously heaven that I can't stop at one!


The most tantalizing mixed salad on the planet ....... Simple yet so Yummy!
Oh boy I love this stuff. Yeah.. yeah... I know.. I love this, I love that but that's me..... I adore Good Food!


Oooh yeah..... let's get meaty here. Dry-aged beef is so hard to find and so far I have tried wet-aged beef. What's the difference between dry-aged beef and wet-aged beef? I'm not an expert but from what I know that dry-aged beef is beef that has been hung in a refrigerated cooler for few weeks or months. Wet-aged beef is beef that has been packed in vacuum-sealed pack to retain its moisture and goodness. Both are as good in their own right. 

Now, look at the meat.... so mouthwatering, right? How do I define the Sirloin Steak here?
  1. Cooked to perfection - neither undercooked nor overcooked.
  2. Extraordinary pop of flavour - combination of savory and sweet. 
  3. So tender, juicy and beautifully succulent.
  4. Right serving size with right price.


served with vanilla ice-cream

You should bring your birthday date here to celebrate a unique, casual and unforgettable evening. Oh yes, don't forget to surprise your birthday date with Chocolate Fondant. See image above.... So prettttyyyyy and delicious! Delightfully sinful, light and spongy on the outside and have a melted chocolate in the inside. The luscious chocolate will ooze out when you cut into it. Pair it with their hand made vanilla ice-cream. The combination will explode in your mouth. You should try it out!


Yes, Vanilla Creme Brulee is my ultimate classic favorite. Creme Brulee translates as Burnt Cream - a vanilla custard with a hard caramel crust on top. I'm drooling now.... 

Nice burnt sugar on top.

So rich, creamy and smooth custard base. I can't get it out of my head! If I had to choose between Creme Brulee and a hunk, I would definitely choose Creme Brulee. When I first saw it, I said " Hey you .... Come to Momma"!

Great place to chillax and dine peacefully. Also a great place to celebrate casual or special occasion. 

The most unforgettable and exquisite tasting/dining experience I've ever had! Delicious French Fusion Food, helpful, friendly and impeccable service. 

Chef Piotr absolutely knows his creations. He created an absolutely fresh, delicious and enticing dishes from appetizers to main dishes. 

Psst... I will definitely come back to this restaurant again....


Good News!
Just for you my Friends, enjoy 10% off ala carte items from now till end of this year - 2013.
Simply quote "I'm a reader of Rena's Blog" when placing your order.
Highly recommend that you pay this amazing restaurant a visit and try out all their dishes.
I can sincerely assure that you will not be disappointed.

20% off vouchers will be given away to 5 lucky readers.
Vouchers must be used by 28 Feb 2014.
This giveaway is open to readers residing in Singapore only.
To enter, just leave a comment below with your email address or pm me here - Rena
Good Luck!


Ivy Restaurant Pte Ltd
Siloso Beach Resort
52 Imbiah Walk
Singapore 099538
Reservation : (65) 6271 7008

Opening Hours
Tue : 5.30pm to 10.30pm
Wed - Sun : 12pm to 10pm
Mon : Closed

Facebook : Ivy Restaurant

Drive and Park
Turn onto Sentosa Gateway from the main island, keep right when you reach a fork in the road and you will reach Sentosa Gantry; past the gantry, take a right turn onto the 2nd exit at the roundabout onto Artillery Avenue.

Follow the road, turn left onto Beach View. Continue along this road and you will reach the Beach Car Park on your right. There are 600 parking lots available.

Follow the directions above and head toward the taxi stand located at the Beach Station.

Take the train to HarbourFront MRT Station (NE1/CC29). Enter Vivocity Shopping Mall and take the Sentosa Express (Lobby L, Level 3) to the Beach Station.

From Beach Station, hop on a free Sentosa tram service towards Siloso Beach (alight at stop 2). Ivy Restaurant is located just opposite Wavehouse Sentosa. The beach tram runs every 10 minutes.

Thank you Novell,  Mr Khamil & Ivy Restaurant Pte Ltd for inviting me and my mom for the Food Tasting and the generous giveaway.
Thank you Chef Piotr for making our dining experience a total pleasure.


Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the event as a blogger. I am not affiliated with the said brands and not getting paid for this post. Images above were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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