Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New Refreshing Bubbly Drink from Juscool

Hey Gorgeous! As promised in my previous blogpost  "Sample Store Event", here's my review of the new refreshing bubbly drink from Juscool.


Juscool Sparkling drinks are the latest innovation from Yeo's and awarded with the Healthier Choice Symbol by the Singapore Health Promotion Board. The entire range of Juscool Sparkling drink contains less sugar and less calories compared to regular carbonated drinks, and made with real fruit juice. Absolutely enjoyable refreshing taste, perfect on its own or pair with your favorite food like pizza, sirloin steak or a bowl of mee rebus. Yum!

There is a Juscool drink that perfect for everyone, simply choose from a wide range of 6 flavours:-
  • Fragrant Peach
  • Juicy Apple
  • Aromatic Yuzu
  • Luscious Grape
  • Zesty Passionfruit
  • Tangy Orange


Luscious Grape and Zesty Passionfruit are my favourites! I have a daily habit of drinking sweet gassy drinks. Yes, I am aware that it's not really good for health. So I decided to cut back on my sweet gassy drinks consumption recently. Day after day I tried but failed, because I cannot overpower my craving for these guys. Umm... hmmm. So when I was introduced to Juscool, I was thrilled to try out all their new flavours.

Initially I thought the drinks will be like a normal fruity taste but I was wrong. Each Juscool drink has its own flavour and taste. You will taste a natural sweetness with a gentle and nice fizz. Each drink contains less sugar and calories. Absolutely healthier than the normal sweet gassy drinks.

Overall, I must say that Juscool Drinks are perfect to quench your thirst and great for any occasion! So now, will you babes please excuse me. I've got to go. I've some serious shopping to do. I need to grab them now. Woohoo! See y'all again!


Juscool Sparkling Drinks are available in 325ml CAN, 500ml and 1.5L PET Bottle formats at major supermarkets and convenience stores.


Disclaimer : Opinions expressed are solely based on my personal views. Images above taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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