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(Photo Courtesy by ORBIS)

I had the ultimate pleasure of being invited to be part of the ORBIS Focus Group. To be honest, I had heard about ORBIS but never tried their products before.  Uber excited to dive in!

So without further adieu, let's dive in deeper to learn more about ORBIS! Yeehaa!

Alrighty, let's talk a lil' bit about ORBIS.

ORBIS Inc. was founded in June 1984, is a leading Japanese cosmetic company who is also involved in markets such as skin care, health food, beauty supplement and body wear. ORBIS is well known for its 100% oil free skin care and has been voted No.1 in Japan consumer satisfaction index under perceive value category. ORBIS has proudly sold more than *26 million pieces of their star product, Aquaforcebasic skin care series, since launch.

ORBIS has entered Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Korean market and will be hitting Singapore's shores for the first time in October. I am so looking forward to what they have in store for us.

*For your information - 26 million pieces for the sales period between Jan 2000 to Dec 2012


Let's move on to the Focus Group. Upon arrival I was greeted by a lovely lady and escorted to the meeting room, where colorful and pretty bottles of beauty products adorned on the table. Those babies were waiting for me to try them. Muahaha.....

It started by lovely Carmen, the host, with an introduction to ORBIS background, products and benefits. Then everyone in the room were given an opportunity to try out ORBIS products and provide our feedbacks to them. We had lotsa fun trying out the products and talking about girlie stuff. It was awesome!

So now, during the try-out session, I tried out the 5 ranges of ORBIS Skincare products. The Aquaforce range (for Unbalanced & dehydrated skin), Whitening range (for Whitening skin), Excellent Enrich range (for Intensive anti-aging care), Clear range (for Treating adult acne & pimple prone skin) and Excellent White range (for Anti-aging and whitening).

(All 3 Photos Coutesy by ORBIS)

Next, we tried out their UV Cut Super Liquid Foundation SPF 50 PA+++ (lightweight, blendable & natural-looking), UV Cut Sunscreen on Face Light SPF 34 PA+++ (Super lightweight & fast absorbing), Lasting Foundation UV SPF 25 PA ++ (Light texture) and Sunscreen Powder pressed powder (soft & light texture).

(Photo Courtesy by ORBIS)

After that, we tried out ORBIS Petit Shakes! Yum! They are available in 6 flavors : Fresh Strawberry, Orange Citrus, Mixed Peach, Banana, Pink Guava and White Grape & Aloe Vera. Each packet contains only 150kcal (averagely). Can you guess my favortie flavor?

Lastly, we tried out ORBIS Collagen 12000, which boasts 12000mg of fish collagen. It helps to promote supple and skin elasticity. How does it taste like? Well, the taste of this collagen drink is not bad. It taste sour and fret not, no fishy aftertaste.


Thank you ORBIS for the generous Goodie bag worth $55.00 of ORBIS products. Yeap ... I'm not kidding. Orbis is so generous.
  1. A makeup pouch filled with a set of Excellent White - Travel sized
  2. ORBIS Best Selling Cleansing Liquid - Full Sized 150ml
  3. Collagen the Beauty - 6000mg of Collagen in 50ml bottle
  4. UV Cut Sunscreen on face light - Sample
  5. Redemption Voucher - entitled 1 x Petit Shake
  6. Redemption Voucher - spend $30 & above and get a free mini Aqua Peeling Gel. (While stocks last).

ORBIS store will be available at Robinsons Orchard and Junction 8 in October.
Don't forget to check out their facebook for latest happenings! 

Thanks for reading Dolls.

Disclosure : I was invited to be part of ORBIS Focus Group with a complimentary of ORBIS products. I am not getting paid for this post. Images above were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


  1. I've never heard of the brand but it looks so nice!


  2. Hi Rena! Thanks for following my blog. Lovely to meet another beauty blogger! I've followed you back and am looking forward to catching up on your posts x Mandy @ Make Me Up Mandy

    1. Thanks Darling. Looking forward to catching up on your posts too.
      Stay in touch.


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