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ORBIS Cleansing Liquid Review

Photo Courtesy by ORBIS
I confess, I am a Cosmoholic! I have been living in Beauty Paradise since my teenage years. As a Cosmoholic I try out a lot of random products over the years. Nope, I'm not blessed with uber clear porcelain skin. My skin breaks out sometimes especially around my chin and on my nose tip. Yeah, I know, not cute at all. In order to keep breakouts at bay, I invest a lot of time taking care of my skin. Oh yeah, it takes a lot of hard work but really pays off!

Daily skin care is important but for me a good cleanser plays a vital role in my entire skin care routine. Currently I am using ORBIS Cleansing Liquid, the best selling "ORBIS' #1 product". So let's find out more about this product, shall we?

WHAT IS ORBIS #1 Product?

This product is an oil-free Cleansing Liquid that contains more than 30% moisturizing ingredients to cleanse the skin of dirt & makeup, leaving skin feeling fresh & smooth.

ORBIS Cleansing Liquid is an oil-free facial cleanser with high-performance aqua cleansing ingredients to remove all traces of trough, long-lasting makeup and dissolve pore-clogging impurities. Conventional oil cleanser leaves a film of oil on the skin even after washing, unlike oil-free Cleansing Liquid which leave the skin feeling fresh after each wash. Additionally, ORBIS Cleansing Liquid spreads easily to the skin due to its moisturizing lotion-like texture. The product contains of more than 30% moisturizing ingredients to maintain the skin's moisture balance.

Photo Courtesy by ORBIS
Moisture balance base
The moisture balance base is made up of more than 30% of moisturizing ingredients. It consists of a botanical moisturizing base and moisturizing ingredients such as three types of amino acids (serine, glycine and alanine which are the fundamental components of the skin's natural moisturizing factor) and water-retaining Hyaluronic Acid.

In addition, due to its oil-free formula, one need not fear losing the skin's natural barrier that may easily dissolve with oil-based treatment. ORBIS cleansing liquid is gentle and caring on the skin, and skin typically feels supple after use, instead of taut and dry - thus making it a suitable product for people who experience dry skin.

Aqua Cleansing Ingredient
ORBIS Aqua Cleansing ingredient is an original formula of ORBIS'. It is made up of a blend of three carefully selected cleansing ingredients to target three major tough makeup impurities: foundation, mascara and lipstick. ORBIS Aqua Cleansing ingredients blend easily with makeup and effectively removes foundation nestled within pores, sticky and stubborn mascara and lipstick in lip wrinkles.

The water-based formula removes makeup without placing  stress on the skin.

Aqua Cleansing ingredient easily emulsifies with water and rinses off easily with a gentle wash.

Active Ingredients
Moisture balance base (a combination of amino acid, hyaluronic acid)
Aqua Cleansing ingredients
Botanical based moisturizing ingredients - Rosemary & Eucalyptus extracts
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (to promote skin health)

ORBIS Cleansing Liquid is non-comedogenic tested (formulated to minimize the risk of acne) and allergy-tested (formulated to minimize risk of allergy).


My skin is uber oily. Finding a good cleanser has always been a quest for me. I tried a tonne of brand name products in the market but ended with more clogged pores and breakouts. So I stopped using cleanser because I don't want my skin to freak out. I used baby wipes to remove my makeup but still searching for a better cleanser. Until recently, I was introduced to this Cleansing Liquid by ORBIS. Since then I never looked back.

The verdict is in, ORBIS Cleansing Liquid actually works for me and I love it. This product works like magic. It is suitable for all skin type. I love how it takes off my makeup including eye makeup without feeling greasy or tight. It is very gentle and doesn't sting my eyes whatsoever. It makes my skin feels refreshed, moisturised and clean. Plus, it does not clog pores. So yeah, I really like this baby.

How do I use ORBIS Cleansing Liquid? To start off, I use 2 pumps of the Cleansing Liquid with my dry hands, gently massage onto my dry face and then wash off with water (not wipe off). Please note that you can use it on wet hands or on damp face (remove excessive moisture). Whichever method your prefer. Next, I use facial wash after Cleansing Liquid and follow up with toner + moisturizer.

The packaging is pretty decent. It comes with a pump dispenser which is good for hygiene reasons and very convenient to use.

Price and Quantity
$20.50 for 150ml
To be honest, this is a great buy. 

ORBIS store will be available at Robinsons Orchard and Junction 8 soon.
Will update you dolls on the opening dates.
Don't forget to check out their facebook for latest happenings!


Disclosure: I received complimentary product from ORBIS. I am not getting paid for this post. Images above taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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