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FEB BLACK BOX - Free Beauty Sample Box


Hello my beautiful friends!  Today, I have something uber exciting to share with ya'll. Well, *Drum Roll Please* The mysterious BLACK BOX!  Woohoo, Yes! My first ever BLACK BOX - Free Beauty Sample Box, in fact it's the first one ever in Singapore. Fyi, this beauty sample box will be delivered to your front door completely free of charge.  Say whaaaat? Free? Yep, it's completely FREE but available for Singapore only.  I highly recommend BLACK BOX to any & everyone.  So, wanna get involved with the BLACK BOX?  Okay, Let's dive into this mysterious and sleek BLACK BOX, shall we?


I love the packaging!  BLACK BOX packaging is completely reusable since the box is durable.  I'm going to use the box to store my DIY stuff.

Inside the box, you'll find a postcard that describes the products, lists full sized retail price and where to buy full sized products of the samples you love.  

Image 1 & 2
The samples themselves are housed in a white mesh drawstring pouch and neatly wrapped in black tissue paper.

Image 3  
All vouchers neatly arranged inside a black plastic makeup bag with a slider closure.

Image 4
Oh la la, the Vouchers!  Okay, let's see what I got for this month.
  1. Apple Skin Care - customized Treatment @ $18 plus freebies (beauty bag/ cleanser/ Toner/ Sunblock) for first 30 customers.
  2. Zalora -15% off storewide / $5 off.
  3. Alps Cafe - Purchase a Teriyaki Chicken & a pint of Federbrau- Get a pint of Federbrau free.
  4. The Spa Artisan - 1x 60min Body Massage/1x SkinCeuticals for $88nett or 2x 60min Body Massage/2x SkinCeuticals for $138nett.
  5. BIOSKIN - 90min (bio dermabrasion face treatment, lymphatic neck massage, eye treatment, face mask treatment & leg pressure detox) for $38 / ABSTRIM Men - 5x inch-loss tummy treatments for $58 / StretchOut - diamond lightening treatment, radio frequency regeneration therapy, leg pressure detox, stretchwave & 1 unit x3 lightening serum for $38. 
  6. BottomSlim - Free tummy, thighs & calves slimming treatment + additional cellulite ellimator treatment for first 100 to sign up.
  7. 7/Eleven - 50% off Gulp Mixology (16oz)
  8. Sanrio Gift Gate - $5 Sanrio gift


Nature Valley Oats 'N' Honey

BLACK BOX'S Postcard -
Description : Real honey combined with rolled oats to produce a sweet, wholesome snack.
Where to buy : Available at islandwide at all major retailers. NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Shop N Save, Giant, 7-11, Cheers, Shell, SPC & Caltex.
Price : $6.30 (box of 6 pouches, 2 bars per pouch) 

My Honest Opinion -
Do you believe love at first bite?  Yes, yes, I do believe.  Okay, I got 2 packs of granola bars in the box.  The first time I saw them, I said that they don't look yummy at all but there's no harm in trying something new.  So I opened it up, took my first bite and I've been hooked ever since.  I love them and have them all over my place now.  You guys have got to try them now.  They are so good!  It's honestly Love at First Bite!  

Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash

BLACK BOX'S Postcard
Description :  No description.
Where to buy : Available at Supermarkets and pharmacies.
Recommended Selling Price : $3.20 (250ml))/$7.20 (625ml)/$9.90 (950ml)/$5.20 (550ml Refill Pouch).

My Honest Opinion -
It's just like your regular body wash.  The smell is soothing and natural.  So far so good.

Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo
 - Shampooing Volume Intense Cheveuxfins

BLACK BOX'S Postcard
No information provided.

My Honest Opinion 
Hmmm.... I don't like the smell so I gave it to my mom.  My mom loves it and claimed that her hair feels like it did when she was 16.  Huh!? Okay mom, whatever you say. Uh hum...

Darlie Expert White

BLACK BOX'S Postcard
Description : No description provided
Where to buy : Available at all NTUC Fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage, Shop N Save, Sheng Siong, CK Departments Store, other leading supermarkets, Watsons, Guardian, Unity and other cosmetic stores.
Price : $5.90 (120g)

My Honest Opinion
Alright, I find this toothpaste is awesome.  This baby will replace my current toothpaste.  After a couple of days used, my teeth look nice and bling bling. 

L-Oreal Youth Code Prodigious Rejuvenating Pre-essence

BLACK BOX'S Postcard 
Description : Absorption is key when it comes to skincare.  For skincare to be truly effective, your skin has to able to fully absorb active ingredients.  L'Oreal Laboratories found compelling evidence that the 'recovery gene' in our skin is responsible for the proper absorption of active ingredients.  Much like how our metabolic rate decreases with age, this 'recovery gene' also becomes less efficient.  Youth Code Boosting Essence is able to ensure that the expression of this gene is amplified so that active ingredients are absorbed effectively, allowing your skin to fully enjoy the benefits of your skincare.
Usage: Use it before any  moisturiser or serum to boost their effectiveness by 2x.
Where to buy : Available at Watsons, Guardian, SaSa Departmental Stores and Major Super/Hyper Markets.
Price : $39.90 (30ml) 

My Honest Opinion
The consistency is light and non-sticky or tacky.  This product absorbed quickly, leaving skin silky smooth and hydrated. 

Dr Jart V7 VitaLaser

BLACK BOX'S Postcard  
Description : No description provided.
Where to buy : Available at Watsons, John Little, Zalora,, Sephora, BHG, Luxola and Beaute Spring.  Fuller skin care range available at Ngee Ann City Watsons. 
Price : $59.00 (30 ml) 

My Honest Opinion
The consistency is a bit thicker and have to wait for it to absorb into my skin.  I would say this product delivered in it's claims of leaving my skin silky smooth, brighter and clearer.  It's good but pricey.

L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Deep Repairing Mask

BlackBox's Postcard  
Description : This lightweight cream emulsion contains high concentrations of L'Oreal Paris's revolutionary ingredient, Cement Ceramide, to deeply repair hair from root to tip so that it is shinier and more resistant to breakage.
Where to buy : Available at all pharmacies (Watsons, Guardian, Sasa), super/hypermarkets and departmental stores nationwide.
Price : $14.90 (200ml) 

My Honest Opinion
I love the scent of this product, leaving my hair smooth and shiny. Hmmmm....

est.lab Sunshield SPF 50

BlackBox's Postcard  
Description : est.lab Sunshield SPF 50 utilizes the latest SmartVector® UV technology, an intelligent solar protection system that activates the defensive power of est.lab Sunshield SPF 50 only under exposure.  With broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection, it provides long-lasting protection against sun burn and photo aging.  est.lab Sunshield is also a tinted sunscreen that can be as a moisturizing make-up base to conceal blemishes and provide coverage.  The use of mild emulsifiers and choices of very light, non-comedogenic oils make this sunscreen gentle enough for everyday use. 
Where to buy : Available at all 8 Estetica outlets located Islandwide.  For more information, visit or call their toll-free hotline 1800 333 9393.
Price : $66.00 (30ml)($70.62 after GST) Quote "BlackBox" when purchasing to enjoy $20 off every purchase of est.lab Sunshield (30ml).

My Honest Opinion
Okay guys!  I think I'm in love with this all in one product. I can rely on this product alone. Very light and provides sheer coverage.


BLACK BOX provides customers an easy to follow, easy to order lifestyle kit at no cost, offers more than just beauty products and is the very first unisex subscription box service in Singapore.

BLACK BOX delivers, free of charge, bi-monthly for the initial period February to June 2013 and monthly from July 2013 onwards to subscribers.  The inaugural BLACK BOX will be made available from 25th February to 2 March 2013, at a limited quantity of 2,000, to subscribers on a first come first serve basis.  Thereafter, subscribers will be required to complete a short online survey to receive the subsequent BLACK BOX.

Subscribe here now and receive your Black Box in April.

Disclosure : I received free samples from BLACK BOX of the products mentioned in this post. I am not affiliated with said brand and not getting paid for this post.  Images above were taken by me.


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