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Easy-Breezy Shopping With USGOBUY

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Hello My Beautiful Friends! Have you traveled to the United States specifically to buy cheaper products or to avoid shipping delays and save on International shipping costs?  But what if you need the products urgently and you can't afford to find time to travel. Fret not! I have the solution you've been looking for. *Drum roll please*.... USGoBuy, the largest and the most reliable package forwarding agency in the US offering premium services for shopping in the US stores. They serve more than 400,000 customers in over 200 countries.

They have years of expertise and a strong customer base through the world right from individuals to multi-national companies. USGoBuy provides the best shipping services and ensure to deliver your items in the safest, quickest and cost-efficient manner. Sounds awesome, right? Now, let's find out more about USGoBuy, shall we?


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Mission & Services
Their mission is make online US shopping easier for customers from around the world. For which they offer elite services that includes:

1.   Package Forwarding Service
USGoBuy mail forwarding services forward packages for you fro the US at low shipping rates. Worldwide shipping is provided. This service allows you to shop online at the US stores, even with those who don't ship to your destination country (Internationally). They provide you with a US mailing address and forward your shipment in a quickest and safest way at a low cost.

2.   BuyForMe
This is an exclusive service provided by USGoBuy to help their clients shop from the US stores, who don't accept their credit cards or don't offer any shipping services. Then their personal shoppers will buy goods for you and delivered it right to you with their package forwarding service.

Why Choose USGoBuy
  • Low Shipping Rates
  • Free Membership and US Address
  • No Sales Tax and Hidden Fees
  • Free Repacking and Consolidating Service
  • Free 60 Days storage
  • Easy Process
  • Best Customer Services
  • Reliable, Fastest and Efficient Shipping Services
How it works
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So yeah how it works? Easy peasy. Follow these 5 steps to get you started!

First of all, you have to register as an USGoBuy member for FREE and get your US mailing address.

You can purchase your favorite products from thousands of online retailers in the US such as Amazon, Ebay, BestBuy, Zappos, Walmart and etc. Just fill in your assigned US address at checkout together with your mailbox number in the address. Incorrect or missing mailbox number will result in processing delay or returning your package to sender.

When your packages arrive at their warehouse, they will send you an email about the arrival of your packages. The parcel information will also be shown in your account "My Packages". You will see the original weight and dimension of each of your packages.

Submit shipment request and pay the estimated shipping fee.

The best thing is you can submit a shipment request as soon you see your packages information in your account. You will be directed to pay the estimated shipping fee based on the original weight and dimension of your packages. Since we will consolidate your packages as a minimum as possible to save you money, in most of the time your actual shipping fee will be less than your estimated fee. Extra fee will be credited to your account/

For your information, they offer a much lower freight rate than official website, you can choose DHL, FedEx and USPS. How cool is that!

Received your shipment tracking number.

Once their financial department confirm your payment, their shipping experts will open and consolidate your packages and ship with your designated carriers.

See how simple that is! Just make sure you follow all the 5 steps and enjoy your shopping. USGoBuy is absolutely reliable and provides impeccable service. So now, will you please excuse me. I've got to go. I have some serious shopping to do now. See ya around soon.

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Disclaimer : Information courtesy of USGoBuy.


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