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AURELIA AURITA Moisture Jelly Toner For All Skin Type

Hello My Beautiful Friends! Do you skip toner step entirely in your daily skin care routine? If yes, well you have to listen to me babes. You must not skip this step at all. Toner helps to balance skin pH and removes traces of oil, dirt and makeup. It also helps to minimize enlarged pores. 

Alright babes, I confess, I used to skip this step and as a result, the pores around my nose and cheeks appeared larger. I hate them! Then I realised that I shouldn't skip toner step in my daily beauty routine, and so I started using one. Ahem, you know me, I'm not a loyal beauty lover. As usual, I will change my toner every time the product runs out. So recently, I tried out AURELIA AURITA Moisture Jelly Toner and here's what happened.


Moisture Jelly Toner
Intensive Hydrating Serum With Jellyfish Collagen
125ml / 3.52fl.oz

About AURELIA AURITA Moisture Jelly Toner
AURELIA AURITA Moisture Jelly Toner contains natural ingredients. 

The newest smart diversity technology combines the natural ingredients. It adds a lot of hi-tech water system to help further skincare absorbed. It soothes and softens the skin while it flushes out the pores and helps to minimize their appearance. The pulse lotion easily absorbed into skin and smells good.

It helps sustain natural protective layer to bind in moisture. It helps to repair dull, sallow and aging skin. Leaving the skin feeling moisturized and protected. The complexion gradually becomes tighter, smoother and brighter. It also improves the radiance and transparency of the skin. It can also help to whiten the skin.

Suitable for
All skin type especially for dry and sensitive skin types.

Jellyfish extract, Imperata Cylindrical Root Extract, Leontopodium Alpinum Extract, Scutellaria Alpina Flower/ Leaf/Stem Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Extract, Phenoxyethanol -Pure Water


The toner comes in a heavy, clear, thick glass bottle with airless pump dispenser.

No scent at all.

It has a jelly-like texture that instantly turns into watery-liquid when applied.

My Preferred Application Technique
  • Remove makeup and cleanse your face.
  • Pat dry with soft towel.
  • Apply 2 pumps of AURELIA AURITA Moisture Toner to a cotton pad.
  • Gently pat it all over your face and sweep gently on neck area.
  • Apply serum and moisturiser.
*Use Day and Night

My Thoughts
I used this AURELIA AURITA Moisture Jelly Toner for 3 entire weeks, and I noticed that my skin now is not so oily and feels so smooth. So far I didn't experienced any mass breakouts, swelling or other skin problems. The toner really has a unique texture. It has a jelly-texture which then turns into a very watery fluid when applied. It feels cold on the skin, very soothing. Oh the packaging! The bottle is huge and will last me forever. Please note that you don't have to use this toner a lot. Just pump twice on a cotton pad and gently sweep over your face. Remember a little goes a long way! I noticed my pores on my cheeks and nose are getting smaller. Okay.... I will continue using this toner until the toner runs out.


You can purchase this serum from Don't forget to 'LIKE' their facebook and stay connected with their latest products and updates.

What is your favorite face toner?
Leave comments below.
Lots Of Love

Disclaimer : Product was received from attending SampleStore event. Reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. Images taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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