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Hi-Tea's Loose Tea Series Review - Chamomile, Chrysanthemum Buds, Rosehips & Sweet Osmanthus

Hello my friends! I'm back with another tea review from my favorite brand called Hi-Tea. Recently, I've tried out a few different varieties of their loose tea series - Chamomile Tea, Chrysanthemum Buds Tea, Rosehips Tea and Sweet Osmanthus Tea. These teas are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

So without further ado, let's jump into everything, shall we?


Loose Tea Series
Net Wt. 20g

This Chamomile Tea is #1 ranking on Google search list for herbal tea. This flower tea contains minerals essential that can help to soothe your lungs, reduce the symptoms of flu, headache, relief constipation, breathing problems & etc. It is also helps in relieving tension, improving your sleep, menstrual cycle and beauty.


Each sachet contains dried chrysanthemum petals.
This tea has a little sweetness after taste.

My Thoughts
This tea helps alleviate my migraines and also soothe my upset tummy or indigestion. It also helps me sleep better at night and feel so relaxed. I make it a habit to drink a cup of hot chamomile tea every night before bed.


Loose Tea Series
Chrysanthemum Buds
Net Wt. 20g

Chrysanthemum bud tea, is a kind of small Chrysanthemum. This tea helps to relieve heatiness in your body, which avoid the cause of headache, dizziness, diarrhea and others. It is good for those who spend long hours in front of computer, and also best selection for tropical weather especially Asia!

For those who has a week digestive system or having diarrhea, pregnant woman or woman having menstrual cycle should avoid drinking too much of Chrysanthemum Tea.


Each sachet contains good quality dried chrysanthemum buds.
This fragrant thirst quenching tea has a refreshingly bittersweet after taste. 

My Thoughts
This coolant and refreshing tea helps to soothe my itchy throat and relieve heatiness. I spend long hours in front of my computer screen daily for leisure and work, and ended with dry itchy eyes. So after I had a few cup of chrysanthemum buds tea, I saw some improvement. This tea helps to improve my dry itchy eyes and keep them hydrated.


Loose Tea Series
Net Wt. 20g

Rose Hips contain vitamin C and absolutely 80 times higher than lemon. If you drink this tea regularly, it will help to calm our mind, relax and refreshing, and boost our metabolism. 


Each sachet contains dried Rosehips.
This tea has a slightly sour and tangy after taste.

My Thoughts
I don't know about you guys but this tea makes me feel so sleepy. Usually I will take a short nap after drinking it. Whenever I wake up from nap, my skin feels smooth, balanced and not greasy/oily. 


Loose Tea Series
Sweet Osmanthus
Net Wt. 20g

Sweet Osmanthus tea is made from Osmanthus Flowers. They are known for their wonderful scent and have been used in Chinese cuisine for hundreds of years. Chinese Osmanthus is the chief ingredient in Jean Patou's '1000', the world's most expensive perfume. Osmanthus flower tea can also be combined with Oolong and Green tea leaves to create a unique blend of tastes. A cup a day promotes beautiful skin. Sweet Osmanthus is good for digestive system and coughing. It can also help in soothing your lungs. For those who are into beauty drink. This is the one you cannot miss out! Sweet Osmanthus flower tea aids in purifying the skin and also constipation. The aromatic tea will refresh your day.


Each Sachet contains Dried Osmanthus petals.
This tea has a slightly sour after taste.

My Thoughts
I drink a cup of Sweet Osmanthus tea half hour after every meal. It helps freshen my breath and also helps to lower my body heat!

  • Each sachet can be brewed up to 3 times.
  • Always store the Teas in a cool & dry place.
  • Their flower teas are pre-mixed by Professionals to bring out the best taste of each Flower Team, Customers don't have to worry about mixing the teas themselves & still able to enjoy the goodness of the Teas.
  • Can drink the teas either warm or cold, depending on your own preference.

Each box contains 10 individually foil wrapped sachets of tea. They are very easy to make and convenient option for daily consumption. How to brew the perfect cup of Loose Tea Series? Check it out below.
  1. Place one sachet into a 300ml mug
  2. Pour in some water to wash the tea then add 300ml of hot water
  3. Let stand for 3-5 minutes
  4. Ready to serve. Add honey for better taste.


Explore their full range of fruit teas and flower teas @  Be sure to like their FB page @ Hi.Tea.Boutique.Malaysia and stay connected with their latest updates and promotions.

Psssttt...... They are running a great promotion now! Promotion Price : 2 boxes for SGD18 while stock last. Usual Price Loose Tea : SGD22.90 per box, Fruit Tea : SGD24.90 per box & Special Blends : SGD26.90 per box.

Lotsa of Love

Disclaimer : Products in this post were provided for personal review purposes only. Reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. Images taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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