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Grow Your Eyebrows With Xbrow

Well Hello Gorgeous, today I am bringing you a review of this amazing eyebrow serum, Xbrow!
Without further ado, let's jump into the review, shall we?

Eyebrow Conditioner Xbrow
3ml 0,10 fl. oz.
Price : SGD$88.90

What is Xbrow?
Xbrow is an excellent and enhancing serum that makes your eyebrows look thicker and darker. It is 100% natural without any synthetic chemicals, encouraging the growth of healthier and fuller brows.

The Scandinavian-sourced ingredients used in this serum create a unique formula that gets results. Te serum is formulated with an advanced peptide active ingredient and botanical extracts and vitamins. These effects are clinically prove and show that, when used as directed, eyebrow hair growth is increased by as much as 50%. They enhance your natural beauty and give you truly stunning eyebrows.

  • Adds volume to your eyebrows
  • Make your eyebrows longer, darker and longer
  • Nourishes and strengthens eyebrow hair follicles from the root to the tip
  • Made with a unique blend of ingredients and manufactured according to the highest European safety and quality standards
  • Delivers perfectly shaped, luscious and healthier eyebrows in three to five weeks
  • Clinically proven to increase eyebrow growth by up to 50%
Indications for use
  • Thin, scanty eyebrows
  • As well as eyebrow exhausted after ineffectual correction or illness
Things to NOTE
  • For external application only
  • keep in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place
  • 2-year shelf life. When opened, may be used safely within 8 minutes
Possible side effects
  • Excessive application may cause itching and irritation
  • Enhanced skin pigmentation in the area of application
Therefore it is recommended to follow the instructions for use.

  • Avoid contact with eyes. If eyes are contacted, rinse eyes thoroughly with water. If you feel any burning or irritation, stop using the product immediately and consult your physician.
  • Tightly close the cap after use
  • Do not dilute conditioner with water
  • Do not use or share this product with anyone
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Allergies
  • Age less than 18 years
How to Apply
  • Apply the serum on a clean face
  • Apply it onto the roots of eyebrows
  • Apply it daily 1 hour before bed


The packaging is simple but elegant. 
Be sure to check the expiry date at the bottom of the packaging before open it.

Xbrow comes in a bottle (3ml) with applicator.
Easy to apply and convenient to carry around.



My thoughts
Xbrow is really amazing and absolutely live up to it's name. Easy to apply and effective.

For your information, I am a lady who can never let her tweezers rest in a drawer. I can't stand seeing stray hairs scattered around my brows, so I will pluck them all and end up with bald brow patches. Guess what babes, my bald patches have not grown for the past few years. I am not kidding and have no idea why. So yeah, the moral of the story, do not over-pluck the brows. Mm..hmmm.... Anyhoo, yoohoo, after using Xbrow for a month, my eyebrows have grown back. I can see the visible result after 2-3 weeks. 

I apply this serum on a clean face before bed, every night without fail. Babes, do not apply too much on your eyebrows because I did that. Guess what? My eyebrows felt itchy but I was determined to not scratch or rub. Well, don't worry, the itchiness subsided a few seconds later. Remember, do not apply too much because a little goes a long way.

I would highly recommend this amazing serum to anyone who wants to have thick and beautiful eyebrows.

To learn more about Xbrow Serum, head over to and check it out. Be sure to 'Like' their FB Page and stay connected with their latest updates and information - click here

Psst.. Wanna find out how to grow your lashes faster and thicker? 
I will let you know how, probably in my next post. Stay tuned for that!

Lotsa Love

Disclaimer : Product in this post was provided for personal review purposes only. Reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. Images taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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