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Let's Chill out @ Criollo Cocoa Cafe!

Criollo Cocoa Cafe is located on level 2, Orchard Gateway. This modern-concept cafe is a good spot to chillax with friends and enjoy delicious comfort food. They serve all-day breakfast, burgers, waffles, ice-cream, drinks with only using the freshest best quality ingredients at affordable prices. Pssst..... for your information, all prices are NETT! Yeap, no service charge and GST.

So yeah guys, once I walked into this cafe, I instantly fell in love with the simple decor and ambiance. Absolutely impressed with their good furniture placement, coziness and casual atmosphere. 

You can opt to sit by the window with splendid view of Orchard Road. You can also opt to sit on their armchair, in the front corner of the cafe and enjoy your coffee. Lovely!

Alrighty, let's dive into the food, shall we?


Big Breakfast
Price : S$12.00 Promotion till end of June 2015 (Usual Price : S$16.90)

I'm telling y'all, breakfast is a very important meal of the day. Never, ever skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast can lead to binge eating later in the day and other health problems. I always start my day with hearty breakfast! Honestly, I can't smile without my Mr Breakfast. So yeah, Criollo Cocoa Cafe serves Big Breakfast extra loaded with 2 scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, sauteed mushrooms, Turkey bacon, Hash Brown, Toast and Fresh Fruits in Sweet Yoghurt.  

My Opinion 
Perfect portion and excellent for it's price.

Portobello Burger
Price : $12.90

If you are a huge fan of mushrooms like me, then you should try out their Portobello Burger. An unpretentious and delicious burger, packed full of fresh ingredients. The toasted brioche bun filled with grilled Portebello Mushroom, onions, capsicum, tasty cheese, lettuce,sliced tomato and accompanied with copious amount of big fat fries. 

My Opinion
Honestly, I was sold the moment I took my first big bite into the burger. OMG! The firm texture portobello mushroom tasted just like beef, so juicy, tender and perfectly seasoned. It was the best burger I've ever had! 

Seafood Laksa Pasta
Price : $16.90

Have you ever had Seafood Laksa Pasta? Well guys, if you haven't, you should try out this amazing fusion dish. This Seafood Laksa Pasta comes with pan fried spaghetti with prawns, mussels and squid rings in special laksa sauce. 

My Opinion
Absolutely perfect concoction of fresh seafood and orangey laksa gravy (neither too heavy/thick nor soupy) and not spicy at all. I can drink the gravy. Absolutely delicious!

Mixed Grilled Platter
Price : $18.90

Mixed Grilled Platter consists of Grilled Chicken and Beef Skewers, Black Pepper Chicken Sausages and accompanied with copious amount of Big Fat Fries and Coleslaw topped with Rockets and Cherry Tomatoes.

My Opinion
Frankly speaking I can demolish the whole plate by myself. Everything on the plate was so yummeh!!! The chicken and beef were grilled to perfection and oozed out all the awesomeness as I sank my teeth into it. So tender and flavourful. I simply in love with the coleslaw. So light, fresh and tasty. Absolutely perfect side dish that can never go wrong with anything. 

Chocolate Waffle
Price : $9.90

Chocolate Waffle consists of Cocoa flavoured waffle topped with chocolate or vanilla ice cream, colorful mini marshmallow, dark chocolate sauce and accompanied with Maple syrup. 

My Opinion
A perfect dessert to grab after shopping. The portion a bit too big for me. I have to share with another 2 persons to finish the whole plate. 


Criollo Cocoa Cafe also serves some of the most delicious cakes supplied by Pies & Coffee. 
They're all so yummy you'll definitely tempted to eat them all.

Mr. Lam, one of the owners of Criollo Cocoa Cafe, was so kind and generous to let us try out Malt Cake, Earl Grey Tea Cake and their yummylicious home made ice cream.

Malt Cake
Price : $6.90

A tempting and nice looking 2-layers malt cake with all the chocolate goodness filled in between layers and on top of the cake. Soft and chewy texture and mildly sweet.

Absolutely yummylicious that melts in your mouth!

Earl Grey Tea Cake
Price : $5.90

A lightly flavoured by the earl grey tea, soft and moist texture, ooey gooey goodness on top and of course not too sweet.

This cake is perfect for afternoon tea treat with your besties. 


Criollo Cocoa Cafe serves high quality home made ice cream. Yeap, they concoct their own delicious and unique ice cream flavours. That evening, me and Openrice gang tried out their home made Lychee and Coconut Ice Cream. Oooh... heavennnnnn.....................

Lychee and Coconut Ice Cream
Price : S$3.00 / Scoop

I love their coconut ice cream. Not too sweet, soft and smooth texture with a real flavour of coconut in it. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of lychee but still ...... I demolished everything on the plate. I will definitely come back for more! Muahahaha.........

Wait guys, don't go yet, I have great news for y'all! Criollo Cocoa Cafe has generously offered  a couple of promotions including a 20% discount till end of this month. In celebration of SG50 birthday, they will offer another exciting new promotions and will be available between July - Sept 2015. So guys, be sure to check out their awesome promotions and awesome menu they have to offer.

Criollo Cocoa Cafe 

Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858
Tel: 6702 6568

Thank you so much Reka and Mr Lam for the invite!
I had a wonderful evening filled with great conversation, laughter and amazing food.
I will definitely be back to Criollo Cocoa Cafe to chillax with my besties!

Lots of Love

Disclaimer : I was invited to the food tasting to sample their dishes for personal review only. Opinions are based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this event images above taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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