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Bloggers' Event : New Nuxe Nirvanesque Launch 2013

Hey Sweetpeas! 
Recently, I attended an Exclusive Beauty Bloggers' Event arranged by NUXE to celebrate the launch of their New Nuxe Nirvanesque. The event was held at Blisshouse Theme Restaurant.

I was so honored to be invited to attend Nuxe Event Exclusively for Beauty Bloggers.

So without further adieu, let's jump right in!


When I arrived at the restaurant, I was greeted by a lovely reception lady and escorted me to their private party room. I entered, mingled and got to know 2 beautiful Beauty Bloggers, Kat and Joanne. We talked, laughed and clicked immediately. They're awesome!

Myself, Kat & Joanne.


While waiting for the session to start, as usual, I wandered around the room snapping pictures of anything I loved! Let's have a mini tour, shall we?

Gorgeous Chandelier.

Gorgeous Shabby Chic Faux Fireplace. 

There's another small room in the private party room where all NUXE products adorned on a long, well decorated table. 


Face Care (Anti-Aging range)
1st Expression Lines

Dual skincare action on 1st wrinkles:
  • Smoothing Action - Blue lotus seed, Poppy Seed and Althea Root Complex
  • Relaxing Action - Tree Peony Extract 
Product Range
  1. Nirvanesque - Normal Skin
  2. Nirvanesque Enrichie - Dry to Very Dry Skin
  3. Nirvanesque Light - Combination Skin
  4. Nirvanesque Yeux - All skin types (Eye Contour Cream)
Yes, New Nuxe Nirvanesque range contain natural plant extracts that are packed with antioxidants, skin smoothing and rejuvenating properties. The range was created to enable all skin types to enjoy the benefits of natural ingredients in your daily skincare regimen.


After snapping a few pictures, back to my seat and the session started shortly.

Each table was adorned with 2 table mirrors, flowers and testers.

The first session started with an introduction by Miss Carlene Yap, Manager (Marketing Communications). 

After that, the skincare talk session started and hosted by NUXE France International Trainer Miss Corinne, explained their philosophy - Beauty by Nature and introduced their New NUXE Nirvanesque products to us. 

NUXE is a French brand, founded by Ms Aliza Jabes and Beauty by Nature is their philosophy. Ms Aliza who has a passion for plants and aromatherapy always retained 5 key points which, have inspired her beauty philosophy and helped her build the NUXE brand. 

Ms Aliza's 5 Key Points
  1. Nature. An inexhaustible source of effectiveness and creativity, that lies at the heart of her vision of cosmetics.
  2. Innovation. Nuxe has its own integrated R&D laboratory. Today, 37 patents have already been registered.
  3. Evalutation. A product is not launched unless its good tolerance and effectiveness have been proven by rigorous and objective tests conducted under dermatological supervision.
  4. Accessibility. She always make sure to offer consumers high-performance skincare products at the right prices.
  5. Sensuality. To combine effectiveness with regular use, I focus on delightful textures, delicate fragrance and enchanting names.

More about NUXE
  1. Selection of natural active ingredients.
  2. Products contain no mineral oils and animal-origin ingredients.**
  3. Non-comedogenic products.***
  4. Tests conducted by an independent Laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research for optimum safety and effectiveness.
  5. Preservative system without paraben.****
  6. Contribution to environmental protection: preference for recyclable materials.
*Source:IMS figures at end December 2012 in pharmacies - 6 classes. **Except for beehive products. ***Face Care. ****Applies to most products of the range.


During the skincare talk session, we were served the Nirvanesque comforting hot tea topped with toasted marshmallow. I have never heard of drinking tea with marshmallow. My first time everrrrrrr tried it ....... but hey it actually tasted so good! I could taste the flavors of ginger, honey and a bit of 'rooty' notes. Love the perfect balance of sweet and spicy + the toasted marshmallow that got soft and gooey in the hot tea....Slurrrpp......


Nirvanesque Yeux - 15ml tube
1st Wrinkles Smoothing Eye Contour Cream 

Product Description
De-stresses, Illuminates, Anti-Dark Circles
Contains unique ingredients: Peony and Hyaluronic Acid
(I'll be doing a full review on Nirvanesque Yeux soon)


Nirvanesque Light - 50ml tube
1st Wrinkles Smoothing Emulsion

Product Description
De-stresses, relaxes and matifies
Contains unique ingredients: Blue Lotus Seeds and Peony.
 (I'll be doing a full review on Nirvanesque Light soon)


Nirvanesque Enrichie - 50ml jar
1st Wrinkles Rich Smoothing Cream 

Product Description
Contains unique ingredients: Formulated with patented Blue Lotus Seeds and Peony 
A smooth and velvety cream enriched with nourishing Macadamia Oil
Helps to smooth and relax the appearance of wrinkles
Specially designed for Dry and Very Dry Skin


Nirvanesque - 50ml jar
1st Wrinkles Smoothing Cream

Product Description
Contains unique ingredients: Formulated with patented Blue Lotus Seeds and Peony
A smooth texture enriched with Musk Rose Oil that combines hydrating and anti-wrinkle properties
Helps to destress, hydrate, smooth out and relax the appearance of wrinkles
Specially designed for Normal Skin


At the end of the session, we were served with the Gorgeous Sparkling Nirvanesque drink. 
We were surprised and hypnotized by its beauty.

The beautiful serving glass coated with PINK sugar.

............with a rosebud in it.

Nirvanesque drink and syrup were served separately.
My fellow blogger, Joanne, helped me pour the syrup into my drink and after that I added a few more drops of syrup. Guess what guys? I added way too much and it was way too sweet to drink. Anyhoo, yoohoo.... I gulped it down. It's okay, well, I am an adventurous person YO!


Light refreshments served after the skincare talk session.
Don't be jelly.....

Mini Red Velvet Cake
Mini Coffee Latte Cheese Cake

Althea Root infused Jelly

Baked Mushroom with Ratatouille
Spinach Quiche with Macadamia Oil infused Aioli

Val au Vent Shrimp Cocktail
Fried Chicken Balls


Each guest received a gift bag filled with Nuxe products and lovely pink tissue paper.
Awww..... So Sweet!

Alrighty, what is inside the gift bag?

~ A Booklet (document printed with vegetables ink)
~ 1st Wrinkles Smoothing Eye Contour Cream
~ 1st Wrinkles Smoothing Emulsion
(I'll be doing a separate full review for each of these products soon). Stay tuned Loves!


The New Nuxe Nirvanesque Range is available at all
Robinsons, John Little, Beauty by Nature, selected Watsons stores,
Parkway Parade #B1-75/76,
ION Orchard #03-49/50 &
Vivocity #01-06/07

Website :

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend NUXE exclusive event as a blogger with a complimentary welcome gift. I am not affiliated with the said brands and not getting paid for this post. Images above were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


  1. Hello Rena!! Nice to meet u on that day too!

    See u soon! :)

    (Btw, my name is Joanne, teeheehee!)

    1. Ooops.... Sorry dear.... Hehhee.....
      Okay... amended.
      See you soon! :)


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