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Review : The Skin Shop IRIS CC Cream

*Sponsored Review

Hi Beauties! In my recent post "Homemade Makeup: BB Cream", I explained into details what are BB Creams and how to DIY. Today, I wanna share my first experience with IRIS CC Cream with y'all. Hmmmm.... by now, you probably have heard a lot of BB Cream but have you heard of CC Cream?  Wanna know more about this next door girl?  Let's dive right into the realm of CC Cream and rock the world!

About CC Cream

What is the difference between BB Cream and CC Cream? 
CC Cream, also known as Color Control Cream, is an improved and refined blemish balm cream or Beauty Balm created and developed in Korea. BB (Blemish Balm) cream was originally formulated in Germany and has in recent years gained a huge following in Asia and is quickly making its way to Europe and the USA for its skin-regenerating properties. CC Cream is now also widely used in Asia to provide natural-looking skin coverage. While BB Cream was manufactured primarily as a skincare product, CC Cream was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB Cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage.CC Cream is the newest miracle beauty product available and was formulated with technology originating in industry-leader Japan and further developed in Korea. 

The benefits of CC Cream is said to include high SPF rating to ensure protection from damaging UVA and UVB rays. It also treats and covers uneven skin tones more effectively and blends with skin tone better than BB Creams that sometimes appear too light on certain skin tones. A lighter texture than that of BB Cream also allows for smoother application with a less oily finish, while remaining extremely nourishing to the skin. The end effect is said to be surprisingly natural and flawlessly radiant complexion than that of BB Cream.

So now you know the difference between CC Cream & BB Cream and their benefits. 
Let's move onto the next point.

IRIS CC Cream 

A few days ago, I received IRIS CC Cream sponsored by The Skin Shop.  I was uber excited to see it in my mailbox. When I received it, I quickly open the package and checked it out. Here what I got!

The Packaging

The CC Cream arrived unharmed and in excellent condition. They carefully wrapped the product with bubble wrap. Awww... it's so nice and thoughtful.  Ooh La La....

For your information, this baby comes in a giant tube packaging with a pump. Any liquid makeup that comes with a pump is very convenient, less messy and less waste. Love it!

About IRIS CC Cream

Product Information :
  • Containing porous powder that keeps clean oil-less and silky skin with controlling sebum effectively.
  • Containing hyaluronic acid that presents soft and smooth skin tone with enhanced moisture.
  • Whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV Protection benefit.
Key Features :
  • UV protection (SPF 37, PA+++) prevents both UV A and UV B everyday.
  • Control the source of skin, turning dark and dull skin into clear and skin whitening.
  • Anti-wrinkle ingredient promotes younger looking skin and wrinkle improvement.
Key Ingredients :
  • Portulacae Herba Extract
  • Eucalyptus Extract
  • Papaya Extract
  • Honey Extract
  • Wheat Extract

Product Review

My Honest Opinion
All my reviews and opinions are truly based on my honest thought/personal experience. Please note that what may work for me, may not work for you or vice versa. So I can't guarantee you anything. I'm here just to express my honest thoughts about my favorite products.


The result tried on the back of my hand.

The result tried on my face.  Can you see the difference?

Coverage :Beating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
Good coverage and did justice to my skin tone and texture. It covered up my pores and concealed my dark eye circles, say 80%. Well, it's okay. I patted some mineral setting powder under my eyes and voila. You can wear this CC Cream on its own. If you are blessed with uber oily skin like me, I suggest you to dust a light layer of setting powder. 

Texture and Finish :Beating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
Uber rich and creamy in texture and a little powdery. When I tried it on my face, it gave me a natural dewy finish.

Application : Beating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
Easy to apply and not greasy as some BB Creams I have tried. You have to be fast on your application cause it dries fast.

Scent :Beating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
There was a light fragrance. It didn't irritate my skin. I like the smell, so refreshing - something flowery I can say. Uh-hummmmm..

Staying Power :Beating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
Well. I am blessed with uber oily skin so I need to blot my face after 4 hours. Other than that, everything still the same after 8 hours.

Verdict :Beating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
Yeap! IRIS CC Cream is definitely for me. It didn't oxidize or turn dark on my face after 8 hours. I don't need to touch up but need to blot after 4 hours because I am blessed with uber oily skin. My mom called me oily woman. Scary nickname, I know. I think it is best to dust a light layer of setting or loose powder right after your CC Cream to seal it for the rest of the day. It matched my skin tone nicely and brightened up my dull skin with a subtle glow. It comes in one color but I can see that it will change color to suit your skin tone. Just don't use it too much.

How to Use :
Pump a dime size on the back of your hand, apply a few dabs on your face and pat over entire face. Remember, a little goes a long way. Yeehaa!

*You can use beauty blender but it's best you use your finger to smooth it out.

Price : 44.90 SGD (Tax Incl.).
All credit card payment by Paypal, trusted Payment provider. Product will be delivered within 48 hours with Singpost.

Check out The Skin Shop and their other Beauty Products Now!

205 Hougang St 21
Heartland Mall Kovan #02-22/23
Singapore 530205

Hope you try it out and like it.
Have a Nice Day!

Disclosure : I received sponsored product from The Skin Shop. I am not getting paid for this post but affiliated with said brand.  Images above were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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