Thursday, 27 June 2013

How to Fix Broken Pressed Powder

Okay Babes! I dropped my pressed powder this morning and it smashed without mercy. Oh yes, I was initially freaked out and thought of throwing it away in the trash bin. After a second thought, I should give it a second chance. Let's fix it! So without further ado, lemme show y'all step by step how to rescue a broken pressed powder. 

Things You Need :
  1. Broken Powder + the pan
  2. Makeup Spatula (for mixing the mixture)
  3. Rubbing Alcohol 
  4. Any flat object or spoon (to even out the paste)

Step 1
Crush the broken pieces into fine particles.

Step 2
Add enough rubbing alcohol (not too much) to the crushed powder.
Mix them together until the mixture turns into a paste.
*Don't worry. The rubbing alcohol will not change the color of your pressed powder.

Step 3 
Smooth it out evenly and allow it to dry overnight.

Final Step - The Result
Ta-Daaaah.... See, it's almost as good as new.
Oh, you can also use this method to fix any broken powder makeup or turn your loose powder into pressed powder.

If you try this, lemme know what's the result.

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  1. Love this post! Gonna "fix" my shattered press powder too!

  2. This is an awesome tutorial! I had heard about this method before, but never seen it in action so thanks for this awesome post! I'll definitely be doing this the next time I drop a blush or eyeshadow! xo

  3. oh wow i never thought this would actually work this is a great post, fanx for stopping by my blog iv followed you on bloglovin xxx


  4. What a fantastic idea! I will definitely keep this in mind.


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