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Reveal Your Radiance with ONE MAKEUP No0. Venus Oil Serum

Hello My Beautiful Friends! Today I will be reviewing ONE MAKEUP No.0 Venus Oil Serum which I got it from BeautyKeeper. If you have no idea what is BeautyKeeper, well, it is an online store with inventory carries innovative, novel and award-winning cosmetics and skincare products from Taiwan. You can find any kind of beauty products with gorgeous packaging on this site! Ooooh... babes, you should know me that I'm kind of a pretty packaging freak. Wooohoo!

Ahem... so yeah, without further ado, let's dive into the review, shall we?

ONE MAKEUP No.0 Venus Oil Serum
1.0fl.oz. 30ml

Dr Heitland and Dr Petre from Germany have a prominent imprint on the skincare science. They built up a professional research team and a laboratory combined with professional knowledge and clinical experimental studies. Their works through ceaseless innovation of science and technology win a high admiration from dermatologists. Hence, ONE MAKEUP is established, a brand with skincare technology orientation, with special formula designed for Asian product users.

All ONE MAKEUP products are made under German standards, which ensures the highest quality and safety, and have been certified by DAkkS, INTERTEK, super lab and bav institute.

What is No.0 Venus Oil Serum?
This serum helps to enhance skin defense with plant essence. It is composed of highly concentrated Red pomegranate, grape seeds and multiple plant extracted essence, the product has a smooth texture that is easy for skin to absorbs, sending all the plant power deep into your skin, to enhance the skin defense and improve skin problems, giving your skin a smooth and radiant look.

Ways of Using Venus Oil
*The 1st Step
  Use as the 1st Step of every beauty routine to achieve more effective skincare.

*Quickly Hydrate Skin
  Mix with cosmetic water, apply with cotton rounds for 10 minutes.

*Add to Foundation

  To help the makeup last longer and look better

*Use as Overnight Mask
  Mix with cream with the ration of 1:2, apply to the whole face then cover with a warm towel.

*Use on Hair
  To massage scalp or repair damaged ends.

*Use on Body
  Mix with exfoliating products and massage as a home SPA.

Application Technique

Step 1
Using your palms stroke up from lower jaw towards earlobe 3 to 5 times.

Step 2
Press on Yinxiang acupoint (both sides of nose) and the press Xiaguan acupoint (socket between eye and cheek bone) 3 to 5 times with fingertips.

Step 3
Press lightly Qingming  acupoint (tip of eyes). Chengqi acupoint (under eye center) and temples 3 to 5 times with fingertips.

Step 4
Press on Chengjiang acupoint (under lips), Daying acupoint (sockets on each end of lips).

Step 5
Stroke down from back of ears to collar bone 3 to 5 times to accelerate lymphatic circulation.

Step 6
Repeat the steps 3 times a day, keeping base makeup regain radiant looks.

Please be informed that ONE MAKEUP carries many different types of serums. You can mix them for special treatment purposes. The time recommended is given with the individual descriptions.



The serum comes in a luxury translucent glass dropper bottle and packaged in a beautifully-designed box. The bottle is thick, heavy and looks good on my vanity table. 

It has a woodsy/nutty scent but not overpowering.

Thin fluid texture.

My Preferred Application Techniques and Usage
  • Apply serum onto cleansed face, after toner before moisturiser and foundation.
  • Apply 2 drops of serum on palms of hands, rubs your hands together, press gently into the skin (face and neck).
I use the serum day and night before bedtime.

My Thoughts
This serum is absolutely lightweight and easily absorbed without leaving an greasy feeling or any extra product residue. It works great on my combination, super sensitive skin. It helps to improve my skin tone and alleviate some marks on my face. The texture is super lightweight that has the ability to penetrate deeply into all three layers of the skin. It does not clog my pores and absolutely NO visible irritation, flakiness, itchiness or redness. It also helps my makeup last even longer. My skin instantly looks brighter and more radiant, and has a beautiful glow. Oh yes! I also apply this serum on my hair to tame the frizz without using hair straightener. So if you are looking to increase your skin's radiance which will work effectively, then ONE MAKEUP No0. Venus Oil Serum is perfect for you!


You can purchase this serum from Don't forget to 'LIKE' their facebook and stay connected with their latest products and updates.

Lots Of Love

Disclaimer : Products were received by from attending SampleStore event. Reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. Images taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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