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Wonderful Relaxing Pamper Day @ Bonafides - Tui Na Massage & Gelish Manicure

Nothing beats a day of pampering and relaxation at Bonafides.
A great pampering session is absolutely the perfect way to indulge myself and distress my day away. 

A few days ago, I received a special invitation from Bonafides for a pampering session. I was massively psyched up because it came at the right time for me. For the past several weeks, I haven't been feeling all that great and have been craving for a good massage. I've had muscle pains in my neck, entire top back of my head, shoulders and around my waistline. I guess I got these pains due to excessive sitting, poor sitting posture and lack of sleep. 

So yeah, I went there and had a great time!


Upon my arrival, I was greeted courteously and promptly by every staff member. I felt like a spoiled celebrity walking down the red carpet. I felt so special and privileged. The pampering began immediately, the staff invited me to sit down in a cozy waiting area and welcomed me with a cup of hot ginger tea. 

Once I'd finished my ginger tea, my masseuse took me to a private, dimly lit massage room. As I entered the tranquil environment, I could literally feel my stress melt away from my body and brain. 


Firstly I changed into my spa robe, climbed onto a nice and warm padded massage bed and settled on my stomach (face down). My masseuse began by applying a lighter pressure and movement on my shoulders and then glided down to lower back, thighs, calves, feet and finished off with facial and scalp massage. It was heaven!

*Massage pressure level - you can request lighter or firmer pressure application. Yeap, I requested lighter pressure because I like it that way and don't ask me why... hehehehehe.......

What is Tui Na Massage?

Tui Na Massage also known as Acupressure Massage. This massage helps to improve blood circulation which creates the following effects:
  1. You will feel more energetic.
  2. You will be able to enjoy your sleep at night.
  3. You will also be able to have better appetite.
  4. You will have a better immune system.
  5. Your muscles will also be relaxed after a massage.
These are just a few benefits, that describes the results from Tui Na Massage. There are still many other benefits you can receive from this massage, that can help you achieve beneficial results.

My Thoughts
My masseuse made me feel so comfortable, pampered and relaxed. She's so attentive, meticulous and skillful. She applied precise amount of pressure on my trigger points. She did an excellent job of identifying my pain points and working them out. Tui Na massage helped to alleviate my muscle pains. All signs of stress and lethargic were wiped out. I felt so amazing and slept the good night's sleep.


Next up was the Gelish Manicure! After a nice and relaxing massage, I was taken over to the manicure station and had my nails done. My manicurist handed me the gel color swatch wheels to choose. It took me a while to choose my color for my nails because they really have lots of nice colors. I ended up choosing my favorite color, something like dark gray. Sorry babes, I can't remember the name and color of the gel polish. I was so excited about it that I forgot to write down the name and color of the gel polish.

So yeah, my manicurist proceeded to give me a perfect Gelish Manicure. My nails were meticulously filed, shaped, trimmed, buffed and painted. She even gave me a nice hand massage afterwards. I just sat back in their comfy chair and relaxed. Manicure is the best time to relax and unwind.

The curing process.
My manicurist placed my freshly coated nails under LED lamp to cure gel polish.

So here's the finished manicure!
I picked the right color and loved it so much!

After my manicure pampering session, I was personally led back to the waiting area by their staff.
They invite me to sit and served me a cup of ginger tea and a bowl of Tau Suan (Mung Beans Dessert) to enjoy.

Overall Experience

Bonafides is located in 100 AM Shopping mall, next to Amara hotel. The location is absolutely convenient with walking distance to MRT station, restaurants, offices, supermarkets and many more. 

Relaxing, restorative and tranquil ambiance.

Customer Service
All staff treated me a like celebrity. They were all very friendly, courteous, professional, helpful, knowledgeable and always smile. The staff made me feel very comfortable and happy. 

Cleanliness and Hygiene
Very clean, peaceful and comfortable.  

Overall, I had a truly amazing experience at Bonafides. The pampering session was divine and it was a completely indulgent experience for me. walked in with aches and came out feeling so relaxed and happy! 

Thank you Daniel and Bonafides for the wonderful invitation and perfect pampering session!
Thank you Bonafides staff for making my day very relaxing and special!


100 Tras Street #05-01
Singapore 079027

Contact No.
Hair : 6735 2828
Beaut & Wellness : 6737 2828

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri : 11am to 8pm
Sat : 10am to 8pm
Sun : 10am to 8pm

Babes, if you are keen to savour a moment of total relaxation, be sure to visit Bonafides.
I assure you will not be disappointed when you step into Bonafides.

Lots of Love

Disclaimer : I was invited by Bonafides for the pampering trial session for personal review purposes only. All opinions are my own based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. Images taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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