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INGIRL STINN New HD Photochromic Pressed Powder & INFRACYTE Luscious Lips

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
Today I'm going to review INGIRL STINN New HD Photochromic Pressed Powder & INFRACYTE Luscious Lips.

So without further ado, let's jump into everything, shall we?

INGIRL STINN New HD Photochromic Pressed Powder
INGIRL STINN New HD Photochromic Pressed Powder
Shade : CP-CP002
Retail Price : $39.00
Specification : 59mm

What is INGIRL STINN New HD Photochromic Pressed Powder?
To provide the ultimate flawless look INGIRL STINN pressed powder contains photochromatic pigments, so that colour stays consistent in all types of lighting, irrespective of whether you indoors or outdoors, so goodbye oxidized skin! The ultra fine micronized minerals fill in fine line while the micronized light diffusers reflect light randomly to camouflage imperfections. 

Where to buy?
INGIRL STINN products are available in Singapore, exclusively at EHA SKINCARE and retails at $39 for a foundation compact, $39 for a pressed powder compact and $55 for loose powder.


INGIRL STINN New HD Photochromic pressed powder comes in a round black compact powder case with a mirror, flip lid, powder puff, and a hidden compartment (underneath the powder) that holds the powder puff in it. I like the design so much! Very hygienic and convenient to carry around.


No scent at all.

Velvety smooth and lightweight.

Shade Availability
Available in 5 shades - CP-CP002, CP-CP003, CP-CP004, CP-CP005 & CP-CP007. I got mine in shade CP-CP002. It matches my skin tone perfectly. Well, my dear friends, don't worry if you have no idea how to find the perfect shade to accent your skin tone. Head down to EHA SKINCARE stand alone store and get advice/help from their friendly and knowledgeable experts.

My Preferred way to use 
  • Apply moisturizer and sunscreen.
  • Apply pressed powder all over my face in dabbing motion.  

Overall Opinion
INGIRL STINN New HD Photochromic pressed powder provides smooth coverage (medium to full). It makes my skin look perfectly matte and smooth without caking. It covers my large pores across my face and evens out my complexion beautifully. It doesn't break me out and lasts me more than 8 hours. Yeap, it doesn't oxidize at the end of day. I will definitely continue using this pressed powder for daily use. 

INFRACYTE Luscious Lips
INFRACYTE Luscious Lips
Shade : 
Retail Price : $68.00
7 ml / 0.25 fl.oz.
Made in U.S.A

What is INFRACYTE Luscious Lips?
Scientifically Formulated Anti Aging Therapy For Long-Term Anti-Aging, Volumizing, Moisturizing, Healing and Enhancement Benefits.

Powerful patented Collagen Boosters effectively minimize the appearance of lines on the lip and around the lip area, while giving lips a more well-defined lip contour. Restores moisture for an instantly plumped and smoother look and increases the appearance of lip volume up to 80% instantly after application with no stinging and irritating sensation. Hyaluronic Acid and organic moisturizing oils restore moisture for an instantly plumped and smoother look. Boosts moisture retention and accumulation for maximum hydration on dry and chapped lips, while enhancing the results of lip injections.

Where to buy?
This hypoallergenic product is available in 12 shades and is currently the only non-irritating, non-stinging lip plumper available. It is also dermatologist tested and cosmetic scientist formulated.


INFRACYTE Luscious Lips comes in an acrylic transparent tube with a chrome metal shine lid and an applicator wand. 


It has a lovely bubble gum scent.

Lightweight, buttery-smooth and non-greasy. Glides smoothly on my lips.

Shade Availability
Available in 12 vibrant and gorgeous shades. See image below.

How to Use?
Apply as needed to moisturize and plump the lips throughout the day.

My Preferred way to use 
Here's my preferred method of applying INFRACYTE Luscious Lips.
  • Gently buff my lips with a soft toothbrush in a circular motion. 
  • Apply INFRACYTE Luscious Lips.

Overall Opinion
I got mine in shade 321 'Are You Red-dy?'. The super bright color in the tube initially scared me, but I fell in love with INFRACYTE Luscious Lips the day I put it on my lips. It's not greasy and doesn't slide off my lips. No burning or stinging sensation and the formulation gives instant plumping effect after first application. I am absolutely impressed!


1 Scotts Road
Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208

Tel : 6235 8661

Lots of Love

Disclaimer : Products were received from attending EHA Skincare event. Reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. Images taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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