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REVIEW : CP-1 Ceramide Treatment Protein Repair System

Hello Gorgeous!  Today's post is a review on CP-1 Ceramide Treatment Protein Repair System. 
I am currently using this product, and I am absolutely happy with the results!
So without further ado, let's dive into the review, shall we?


CP-1 Ceramide Treatment Protein Repair System
$6.00 for 25 ml
Made in Korea

  • CP-1 can be used hygienically and easily as it is contained in injector and it's easy to apply it onto every single hair
  • CP-1 Protein clinic combines the first and second preparation and make it permeated into the hair as it is absorbs keratin, high molecular collagen and low-molecular protein.
Recommended For
  • Severely damaged hair due to frequent dyeing
  • Thin and powerless hair that stretches like elastic
  • Burned hair that you can't even brush
  • Split-ends and rough hair
  • Rough and dry hair with lack of nutrients
Main Ingredients & Effects
  • Low molecular weigh protein containing hydrolyzed keratin, keratin protein powder to make hair healthy. Inject nutrition to your hair quickly.
  • Compound amino acid - amino acids are the main components of the hair, complex amino acid can make healthy growth shiny and smooth.
  • Natural moisturizing elements Ceramide - consolidate hair tissue to form a protective layer thorough strengthen damaged and fragile hair. Reduce the chance of losing hair due to rubbing by comb, make hair more healthy.
  • Slightly acidic and non-irritating formula - PH5.5 value formula to reduce the hair and scalp irritation, hair care.


My Preferred Way To Use
  1. First wash my hair with my favorite shampoo.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  3. Then, apply appropriate amount of 'CP-1 Ceramie Treatment Repair Systems' evenly on hair, focusing on hair ends.
  4. Leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
  5. Blot hair with towel and let it air dry.
I also use this product as a deep repair treatment. I apply a generous amount of the product evenly on my hair. Cover with a shower cap and wrap with hot towel. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. You will definitely see and feel the difference on the spot.




CP-1 Ceramide Treatment Protein Repair System is absolutely the best conditioning treatment I've ever used. The price is affordable and the packaging is easy to use, convenient and mess free. It has a creamy texture and easy to work through your hair.You don't have to use it daily to reap the benefits. Just use it after every shampoo, and please remember, you don't have to wash your hair every single day. You may only need to wash your hair every 2 or 3 days. So yeah, this product is amazing! I've noticed a huge difference in my hair on my first application. I can say overall I am happy with this product. My hair feels so soft, smooth and more manageable than usual. It looks so healthy and shiny. 


Video Credit : Esthetic house

If you are interested, you can find out more about this amazing hair product and purchase it here or email to You will get free sample with every purchase, while stocks last and free delivery above S$40.00. 

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Lots of Love

Disclaimer : Product in this post was provided for personal review purposes only. Reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensations of any kind was given or received for this review. Images above taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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    1. Thanks Jones for loving my article. Keep coming back for more!

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