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Maria Galland Cocoon Mask Hand Treatment + MoroccanOil Scalp Treatment @ Immortelle Atelier

Hello Gorgeous! It's time for my regular beauty of the month! 
Recently, I went back to Immortelle Atelier to treat myself to a much needed pampering session. This time I tried out their Maria Galland Cocoon Hand Treatment and MoroccanOil Scalp Treatment. Oh yes Girlfriends! It was awesommmmmme!!! So yeah.... today I'm going to share with you about the wonderful pampering experience I had at Immortelle Atelier.

Without further ado, let's jump into everything!

Upon arrival, my therapists greeted me warmly, invited me to sit and served me a nice cup of tea. 


After a cup of tea, my therapist escorted me to a cozy private room and began to work her magic on my hands. 

To begin, my therapist used Maria Galland 88 Modelling Cream to exfoliate my hands. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells, increase penetration of other skincare products and improve skin texture. After rubbing the cream on my skin for a few minutes, we went to the hand-washing area, washed it off with warm water and then she gently patted my hands dry with a soft, clean towel. Next she applied moisturizer all over my hands and massaged in gentle practised movements. It was so nice and relaxing.

After that, she proceeded to apply Maria Galland Warming Effect Foam-Mask on my hands and encased them in disposable plastic gloves. 

My hands were wrapped in cocoon mask and relaxed for several minutes. After a while, I began to feel the warming sensation and felt great on my skin. 

I loved the warming sensation and the skillful massage. The warm sensation from the cocoon mask made me feel relaxed and divine. The massage delivered by my therapist induced relaxation, relieved my stress and released my muscle tension. Maria Galland Cocoon Mask hand Treatment helped to bring moisture back to my hands. This treatment also helped to repair my dry skin caused by climate and overexposure to the UV rays of the sun.

After the treatment, my hands felt softer, smoother and appeared brighter. It was such a wonderful experience and you should definitely try out this amazing treatment. I'm sure you will love it!


Immediately after the hand treatment session completed, I was then ushered to their hair station where I received my MoroccanOil Scalp Treatment

After settling down, my hair therapist conducted a meticulous scalp analysis, discussed my scalp condition and explained in detail. He mentioned that I've flaky and very sensitive scalp. Honestly, I have to wash my hair daily because my entire scalp sweats really a lot during hot, humid weather. Due to excessively sweating, my scalp became dehydrated, itchy, irritated and red. My hair therapist advised me never to scratch my scalp with nails and only use the cushions of my fingertips when shampooing my hair.

After a few minutes of discussion, my hair therapist began to work on my scalp. He divided my hair into sections and applied MoroccanOil to my scalp. Then he gently massaged the MoroccanOil into my scalp and left for few minutes. While waiting, he gave me a much needed neck and shoulder massage. I felt so relaxed, I actually flew to my dreamland...hehehehe..... After that, my hair therapist proceeded to wash my hair and flat ironed it straight.

After one treatment, my scalp felt comfortable, refreshed and soothed. MoroccanOil Scalp Treatment helped to regulate my scalp imbalance, condition  my scalp and relieve scalp irritation & dryness. This luxurious treatment worked great on my scalp. 


I really enjoyed the entire experience at Immortelle Atelier. The intimate, cosy environment and relaxing music made me feel so calm and comfortable. The therapists did an extremely good job and very attentive to my needs.

As always, I left the salon feeling tremendously relaxed, pampered and refreshed. Absolutely the perfect place to unwind and get pampered. They provide attentive and excellent service. I would definitely visit again and highly recommend everyone to check Immortelle Atelier out!

Thank you Immortelle Atelier for making me feel awesome, special and beautiful!


Immortelle Atelier is located at 
101 Thomson Road
United Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 307591
Tel : 62599001

They are on Facebook! Join Immortelle Atelier for news of their latest promotions and treatments.

Lots of Love

Disclaimer : I was invited by Immortelle Atelier for a trial session for personal review purposes only. All opinions are my own based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. Images taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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