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Beauty Asia 2015

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to attend Beauty Asia 2015 held at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre. This trade show featured wide array of activities such as beauty workshops, product demonstrations, product trials and talks by leading experts and professional from entire world and opened to trade professionals only.

I spent an entire day walking around snapping pictures, learned tips and tricks from experts, tried out different types of new products and received beauty product samples to try out at home! Awesome!

So without further ado, let's jump right in!

Nila Singapore Pte Ltd

Nila Singapore Pte Ltd booth was my first stop. Their versatile sugar wax called Wax Me with sugar drew me to their booth. It contained all natural ingredients and remarkably gentle for all skin types. I applied some wax on my hand and saw no redness, rashes or itchiness. My skin felt smoother afterwards. 

They also carry other beauty products that can be used on all skin types.
I received a few samples to try at home and my sensitive skin loves their products. 

Nila Essence - Green Label
  1. Body Wash 
  2. Argan Bio Oil
  3. Clay Mask 
  4. Tranquil Scrub
  5. Goat's Milk Powder
  6. Coconut Milk Powder
  7. Foot Bath
  8. Hand Lotion with UV Protection
Nila Miracle - Pink Label
  1. Massage Gel
  2. Okinawa Water Mask
  3. Exfoliating Gel
  4. Foot Cream
  5. Hand Cream with UV Protection
Tranquil Scrub and Tranquil Foot Balm.


Next stop was Magicboo Beauty Megamart Pte Ltd. They carry a wide variety of products and brands from skincare, haircare, nail polish and many other types. At this trade show, Magicboo offered good bargains, of course I couldn't resist to check their products out!

SKINDOM Nature & Science

I checked out Skindom Nature & Science booth and tried out their products. 

The lady at the booth shared tips on how to use their products and gave me samples to try out at home. 

Velvet Alge Mask
Velvet Silky Serum
24K Gold Collagen Serum
Anti Wrinkly Firming Emulsion
Fermenta Ampoule

Korean Professional Nail Brand

Then I proceeded to the KONAD booth to try out their amazing nail art stamping. 
Absolutely easy to apply, fun and messy-free. 
I had one of my fingers stamped and looked uber cool!


Magicboo also gave out a goodie bag that filled with brochures and hair care product samples. 

Yokoso Magicboo One Minute Treatment
Sublime Fruit Nourishing and Silky Honey Shampoo
Sublime Fruit Nourishing and Silky Honey Cream


Next, I visited U Gateway Pte Ltd booth to check out their Hot Wax with different flavors, Nail Polishes and test out Gelibility. Gelibility gives you the ability to transform your normal nail polish into gel polish and stays on longer. 

I had the opportunity to get my pinky nail painted with Gelibility products + Zoya nail polish.
I was totally thrilled with the result.

I also had the opportunity to get a freehand rose nail art painted on my ring fingernail.
Awww...... so gorgeous!

Next I proceeded to their LYCOflex hot wax booth. 
I tried it out on my hand. My skin felt so smooth and lovely.

This hot wax comes in a wide range of colors and flavors. 
Vanilla and Chocolate are my favorite flavors. Smell heavenly!


Another interesting booth that I visited was ArtPro Nailgraphic Pte Ltd. 
They use nail printer to print any design on natural nails and artificial nails. Absolutely interesting, mess-free and fast. Check those designs out! So gorgeous and natural!


So yeap, my final stop at the show was Hakuhodo Health & Beauty Singapore Pte Ltd. I was thrilled to get the chance to touch and feel Hakuhodo brushes. Their brushes are so soft and durable!

Overall, I really enjoyed myself and had a rolling good time!

Lots Of Love

Disclaimer : I am writing this post on my own accord for informational purpose only and no monetary compensation was given or received for this post. Opinions are based on my personal experience.  Images above taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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