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Cocoon Mask Facial Treatment @ Immortelle Atelier

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
Today, I'm going to share my facial experience at Immortelle Atelier.
It was awesome! 

So without further ado, let's jump right in shall we?


I learned that Immortelle Atelier was established in 2008, formerly known as Immortelle Studio, and has a team of Professional Makeup Artists, Hairstylists and Facial Spa Therapists to provide you with a one-stop beauty solution.

Immortelle Atelier is known for paying great attention to the tiniest details, from their super luxe robes and bedding to the range of high quality Maria Galland skin care that they use, making every experience a sensorial pleasure. Their highly qualified and experienced makeup artists, therapists and stylists provide Face Therapy, Makeup and Hairstyling services for various occasions, for individuals as well as for companies.
    If you are interested to know more about any of these services, please do not hesitate to call them.


    I recently went to Immortelle Atelier for a facial. Upon arrival, I was greeted by my facial therapist and escorted to the private room to change into my spa robe and climbed into bed. A few seconds later, my facial therapist knocked on the door, entered and my lovely facial treatment began.

    My facial therapist started by throwing a lovely massage on my head, face, shoulder and at the back of my neck with Lavendar essential oil. It was so relaxing and awesome. After that, she gently cleansed my face, covered my eyes with cotton pad and examined my skin under facial examination lamp. She confirmed that my skin is dehydrated and oily. Yes, my skin is sensitive and super oily yet dehydrated. I have patches of flakiness/dry skin at the corners of my mouth, nose and chin area. It's kinda difficult to deal with. I need to be careful choosing beauty products and avoid harsh products. If not, my skin will freak out! 

    So yeah, after examining my skin, my facial therapist proceeded to massage around my eyes using 'Gua Sha' technique to improve blood circulation. This treatment was performed by using a 'Gua Sha' tool. After the lovely massage, came the real fun, EXTRACTION TIME! Woohoo! I used to hate extractions during facials because I dislike pain. I also don't want to end up looking like a red blotchy lobster after facial. Not cute at all! Well guys, now I'm not afraid of extractions anymore. It's because Immortelle Aterlier therapists are very professional and really know how to care their customers. My facial therapist did extraction on my entire face without steam and it was painless. Yeap, no pain at all.  

    Next, she trimmed my eyebrows, cleansed my face, covered my eyes with cotton pad and my face with gauze. She then proceeded to apply a layer of cooling mask and followed by 'Maria Galland Warming Effect Foam Mask', covered my entire face except my nostrils. I touched the foam mask and kept poking it lightly. I know I shouldn't but I can't help it. I like it's texture. It felt like whipped cream + cotton candy. hehehehehe....... So while waiting for the mask to dry, my facial therapist massaged at the back of my neck, shoulder, hand and decollete. OMG! So relaxing....

    Me and my cocoon mask.

    Cocoon Mask Facial Treatment
    Cocoon mask treatment is suitable for all skin types. This treatment combines a mixture of effleurage and therapeutic massage. It helps stimulate metabolism and fight against the harmful effects of stress on the cutaneous ageing process drawn features, dull complexion.

    What are the Benefits?
    1. Renews skin, improves resilience
    2. Relaxes the face while firming up the connective tissue
    3. Smoothens and moisturizes  the skin

    The facial treatment ended with a quick massage on my head, shoulder and at the back of my neck.
    After that, my facial therapist served me a cup of lovely tea and we chit chatted a bit.


    My facial therapist used top-quality, MARIA GALLAND PARIS products in my facial treatment. 
    Click HERE to find out more about MARIA GALLAND PARIS products.


    Overall, I had an awesome experience from start to finish at Immortelle Atelier. The intimate, cosy environment and relaxing music made me feel so calm and comfortable. The therapist did a very good job and very attentive to my needs.

    I really enjoyed the eye treatment using 'Gua Sha' technique. My facial therapist applied the right amount of pressure around my eyes. Absolutely painless and safe. Honestly, after this treatment I don't have to use concealer to cover my panda eyes. The dark circles and bags under my eyes were significantly improved and reduced. This treatment was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep. The cocoon mask facial treatment made my skin feel amazing. My skin felt smoother, hydrated, less oily and appeared brighter. There wasn't skin redness or splotchiness at all.

    I left the salon feeling tremendously relaxed, pampered and refreshed. Absolutely the perfect place to unwind and get pampered. They provide attentive and excellent service. I highly recommend Immortelle Atelier to everyone.

    Thank you Immortelle Atelier for making me feel awesome, special and beautiful!
    I would definitely visit again and highly recommend y'all check them out.

    101 Thomson Road
    United Square Shopping Mall
    Singapore 307591

    Telephone : 6259 9001


    Don't forget to 'LIKE' their Facebook page and stay connected with their latest promotions and treatments. They are going to run a lot of promos to the end of the year.

    Lots of Love


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