Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Giftopia Movement Campaign

Yoohoo! What is Giftopia Movement Campaign all about? 
Well, let's jump straight into it with no further ado!


The Meaning Behind The Giftopia Movement is to take you back in time to the good old days of writing postcards to one another.

I can't remember when was the last time I received postcards from my friends. Anyhoo, when I was much younger, I used to write and send postcards to my friends who had graduated from the same University I did. And yeah, I received their loves too, through postcards. This is what we call "Giving & Receiving Love" to one another.

I love writing postcards and receiving them from my friends! How about you?

Prepaid Postage

Alrighty! For your information, their postcard collections are all postage paid so you don't have to worry about stamps. All you have to do is write your message, indicate your friend's mailing address and drop them in any posting box. Wow! How easy is that!


Recently I received a lovely postcard from my best blog buddy! I was so excited when I saw a postcard sitting pretty in my mailbox. Thanks Buddy! And yeah, I did send her a postcard too.


Alright guys! Let's participate in the Giftopia Movement Campaign! How to join? Just follow all the steps (see image above) and you done! Please do not forget to tag #giftopia and #samplestore.


There are 24 postcard designs, showing cute pictures with meaningful messages. They come in sets and each set contains 3 postcards. 

One new set of postcards will be released on every 5 days. There's a hidden word within each of the 24 postcard designs which will form a secret message of 24 words. Please note that attractive prizes to be won for the first person to unravel this secret message.

Purchase your first collection of postcards on starting today at:

For your information, there will be 8 weeks of postcard collections.

Prize : S$5.00 per set


So guys! Let's watch #Giftopia heart touching video below.

Last but not least, Here's a little video talking my happiness and some thoughts on Giftopia Movement!
(Warning! Please do not laugh at my straight face.)

Let's Embrace the Spirit of Giving!

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