Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Great Workshops @ Pásshen Beauty Week from 16 to 21 Nov 2015!

Photo Credit : Passhen

Hello My Beautiful! Have you heard Passhen before? Passhen, pronounced like 'passion', is an online booking system for ladies to look good and feel great about themselves. I will tell you more about Passhen in my next post. 

So today I am going to inform you that Passhen Beauty Week is coming soon! Starting from 16 to 21 November 2015, they will offer various types of workshops on beauty and wellness. 

Click here to find out more about workshops. 
To sign up for any of their workshops, please click here.

For your information, I'll be attending the following workshops :

Shape Your Windows To Your Soul
In this workshop, I will get to learn about your face shape and which eyebrow shapes suits me. I'm also looking forward to learn more about extensions. I've always been curious about extensions and never tried them before. So yeah, this workshop suits me perfectly! 

Beauty Secrets from The Kitchen
Honestly, I don't have time to prepare meals because I am too busy chasing deadlines. So I need to attend this workshop because they will teach me how to eat and prepare quick, healthy meals. Also, they'll be covering what types of foods will boost immunity and beauty. Yup, if I can't go for facials regularly, I need to know what to eat to keep my skin beautiful!  

How To Deal With Stress
I have no idea how to deal with stress! I will lose my temper pretty quick when I'm stressed. So I will shut myself in my bedroom and eat junk food. Yeap, I'm not kidding. This workshop is perfect for me! I really need to learn how to relieve stress and improve my well-being.  

The price for the Single workshop is $50/pax and the Beauty Pass (choose any 3 workshops) is $100/pax. If you join Passhen, you will get to enjoy the single workshops at $40 and Beauty Pass at $80 instead of $100! All participants will get a goodie bag worth $210 too!

So I hope you will sign up for any of the workshops and see you there!

Lots of Love
Disclaimer : Opinions expressed are solely based on my own personal views.  

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