Sunday, 14 September 2014

Halloween with Pinky Paradise Teaser

Well, well, Hello My Friends! Halloween is comiiiiiing and I'm uber excited! It's time for me to start planning my Halloween face makeup and costume. Actually, I have a few ideas in mind and I'm going down the scary route this year. I'm gonna scare the hell out of my friends! Muahahaha......

Alright guys! If you're going down the scary route, like me, you should wear something  real scary. If you want something different, you should wear Sclera Lenses for finishing touch to your costume! Theses evil babies are going to rock your Halloween Nite! Oh yeah! I ain't no kidding yaw! If you have decided to wear Sclera Lenses, Look No Further! Check out PinkyParadise now!

PinkyParadise offers a wide array of Cosplay, Anime & Halloween Contact Lenses with/without prescription. The best thing is that PinkyParadise is offering FREE Shipping Worldwide until September 25, 2014. Head over to PinkyParadise and snag yours now!

Guess what will I turn into this year? *Hint - (?) Lenses + I ripped off my nails. 
I will show (full picture + tutorial) in my next post. Stay tuned!
Warning - This is not for the faint of heart.

I will be back soonnnnnn..... Muahahha

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  1. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, can't wait to see what you came up with!!!

  2. Sounds very exciting! ^^ Hmm I guess its a zombie? O.o but can't wait for your tutorial to see what it is :D


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