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COVERMARK Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid & COVERMARK Silky Loose Powder

Hello Gorgeous! Today I'm going to review 2 amazing products from COVERMARK. 
They are COVERMARK Silky Loose Powder and COVERMARK Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid. 

Alright Dolls, without further ado, let's jump into the review, shall we?


COVERMARK Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid
Covers hyperpigmentation and discoloration, hydrates, 
provides natural skin tone, ultra long lasting.
Made in Japan
SPF 38 PA+++ 

COVERMARK Moisture Veil Creamy Liquid comes in a squeeze-tube. Absolutely hygienic, no product wastage and convenient. The gold packaging exudes luxury. Oh yes Darrrlinnngg..... I am a big advocate of GOLD because it makes me feel gorgeous and elegant! 

It has no scent.

The formulation has a creamy, soft but not thick texture.

How To Use
Click here to find out how to use it.

My Preferred Way To Use
I usually apply any foundation with my fingers and then blend it out evenly. Alright Girlfriends! Here's my preferred method of applying foundation. So I will..........
  • Cleanse, moisturise and prime my face.
  • Squeeze a tiny amount of foundation onto my fingertip and apply on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
  • Use my fingertips to gently blend the foundation on my forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and jaw line. Yeap, blend, blend, blend until there are no harsh streaks.
  • Lastly, apply loose powder over my foundation with a puff to set it.
Contains plant extract: Korean Ginseng, reishi mushroom and aloe. Prevents spots and freckles due to UV Rays.

Shade Availability
Available in 8 shades - MP10, MN00, MN10, MN20, MN30, MN40, MN010, MN020. Okay girlfriends! I know, I know, choosing the right shade with right undertone is a tough call. If you can't find the perfect shade to accent your skin tone, I encourage you to pop down the COVERMARK beauty counter and get advice/help from their beauty consultants. COVERMARK beauty consultants are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. So don't be shy to ask for their help.

Overall Opinion
The shade I am in is MN30. This shade is neither too light nor too dark for me. It matches my skin tone to a T! This lightweight and non-greasy foundation is easy to blend and build up coverage. This buildable foundation provides good coverage - from medium to full. It has the ability to conceal my dark circle and correct my skin imperfections. This high performance foundation stays on the entire day without touch up and doesn't oxidise at all. It provides a porcelain, velvety, flawless finish to the skin. 


COVERMARK Silky Loose Powder
Prevents dryness, keeps skin moisturized
with a fine texture, long lasting
Made in Japan
SPF28 PA +++

COVERMARK Silky Loose Powder comes in a round container with a gold glittery screw-top cover. This loose powder also comes with a soft powder puff with COVERMARK ribbon holder and mesh sifter. The heavy, gold glittery and sparkly packaging exudes luxury. As I've mentioned earlier, I am a big advocate of GOLD because it makes me feel gorgeous and elegant! 

It has no scent.

Ultra fine, lightweight, silky texture.

How To Use
You may hit COVERMARK counter and get advice/help from their beauty consultants.

My Preferred Way To Use
I will apply loose powder after foundation, concealer and contouring. So here's my preferred method of applying loose powder. So I will..........
  • Dip the powder puff lightly into the powder or against the sifter. 
  • Lightly pat, press and roll the puff all over my face.
  • Use a big, fluffy powder brush to whisk away any excess powder.

Shade Availability
Only one shade available.

Overall Opinion
COVERMARK Silky Loose Powder is phenomenal! It provides great coverage and a flawless-satin finish. This ultra-fine loose powder doesn't freak my skin out or dry out my skin. I just love, love, love how this powder conceals my pores and evens out my skin tone. It's really a good loose powder to brighten up my complexion without feeling heavy or cakey. This fine milled loose powder helps to set my makeup and stay put the entire day. 


Store Location
Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Singapore 238873
Takashimaya Level 1 Cosmetic Department
Tel: 62386697



Have you tried any of COVERMARK products?
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Lots of Love

Disclaimer : Products were received from attending Covermark workshop. Reviews are 100% honest and based on my personal experience. No monetary compensation of any kind was given or received for this review. Images taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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