Sunday, 19 October 2014

How to Rip Off your Nails!

Hey Guys! Halloween is creeping up, what route are you guys gonna take this year? For Halloween this year, I'm taking the scary route. Yeap you heard me right. I wanna be a demon with rip off grave nails. I wanna be as gory, spooky and scary as possible. I know, that sounds hmmmmm... but hey, we can be whatever or whoever we wanna be on Halloween night. Agree? Yes? Oh yeah, the answer is definitely yes! Muahahaha.......

Alright guys! In my previous post on the Halloween with Pinky Paradise Teaser, I promised that I'd do a step by step rip off grave nails tutorial. So, are y'all ready? Let's get spooky.................


Let's start with what we'll need for this rip off grave nails.
  1. A spray bottle of water 
  2. Nail Polish - Deep red color
  3. Poster Color - Black
  4. Crayon - Black (Optional)
  5. Lipstick - Red
  6. Nail File
  7. Lipstick Brush
  8. Poster Color Mixing Plate
  9. Some cotton pads
  10. Artificial nails
  11. Nail clippers or trimming scissors


Start by filing your nail to even out any jagged edges.

Pick the artificial nail that fit your nail bed.

Next, cut the artificial nail in the middle with clippers or scissors and then tear it off into half.
Then shape the edge of the artificial nail look jagged. The more jagged the better.
Remember, this is all about the rip off nail so don't have to be perfect to get the look.

Paint your real fingernail with red lipstick.

Put some eyelash glue on your real fingernail and wait till the glue becomes tacky.

Place a cotton pad on top of your fingernail covering the entire nail and press down.
After that, remove the cotton pad and it should be like so.

Spritz some water and reapply eyelash glue on your real fingernail and wait till the glue becomes tacky.

Next, grab and place your ripped off artificial nail over your real fingernail. 
Leave it to dry.

While waiting, squirt a drop of black poster color into a mixing plate.
Next, scrape some black crayon and mix it together with the black poster color in the mixing plate -(this step is optional)

Lightly smear the black poster color on the edges of the artificial nail.
Then, paint around the outside of your nail bed with red lipstick imperfectly.

Grab the small bit of artificial nail and place it at the corner of your nail bed like so.
Paint red lipstick all over the artificial nails and around your nail bed.

Grab your deep red nail polish and smear it all over the ripped off artificial nail.

Voila, you've got your nail ripped off!
Uber easy!

Front view.

Side view.


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