Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tokyo Luxey Meet-Up Report

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
I had the pleasure of meeting with Chie Maeda, Managing Director and Founder of Rouge Asia Inc. last Friday. The meet-up brought together selected Luxey Members to learn more about Tokyo Luxey, understand the role and privileges as Luxey Members. 

Alrighty, let's check the Meet-up Report!


The meet-up for Luxey Members was held at PS. Cafe located at Harding Road.
An excellent place to chill out with friends.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by Chie Maeda, Managing Director and Hiromi Hanado, Marketing Director and shown to my seat. 

The session started shortly after everyone arrived. Chie Maeda kicked off welcome and introductory session and followed by an interactive discussion. Together, we discussed on our favorite beauty products and obsessions.


All Luxey Members who attended the meet-up received a goodie bag filled with awesome items!

Inside the bag:
~ Albion Skin Conditioner Essential

Albion Skin Conditioner Essential is a toner. This toner quickly ascertains skin's condition and restores healthy, trouble-free skin.

Product Features
  • Restores skin normal cycle to the corneous cells' metabolic rhythm and leaves skin in smooth, healthy condition.
  • Penetrates the skin well, supplying moisture to the inside of the skin and restoring a lustrous, youthful and supple condition that lasts.
How to use
As part of your morning and evening beauty regimen, after washing face and applying milk lotion, take a generous amount onto a cotton pad and blend it in over the entire face using a light, patting motion.

Quick review
Yeap, Albion Skin Conditioner is a toner. My skin appears brighter and feels fresh! 

~ Albion Eclafutur

Product Features
Eclafutur means Bright Future. This serum is perfected after intensive research to create and repair skincells at its source. It helps to repair skin cells on a daily basis. The serum is perfected after intensive research to create and repair skincells at its source!

How to use
Use after cleansing. Take two or three pumps on the palm and spread over the whole face.

Quick Review
My skin feels smoother and brighter within minutes. Non greasy and absorbs instantly.

~ 24h Cosme Foundation

24h Cosme Foundation is a powder foundation 24 hours staying power. 

Quick Review
It has some pretty decent staying power for super oily skin like me. To be honest, I need to dab my face with tissue every few hours but the powder on my face didn't fade. 

Fret not my friends, I will be doing full reviews on each product soon. So stay tuned.

Tokyo Luxey Members

Gurllllls, I had a wonderful evening spent with Awesome Ladies -Tokyo Luxey and Members + great conversation with lotsa laughter and great food! 

Now, if you are interested to be a member of Tokyo Luxey like me, check 'em out here!


Disclosure: I am Luxey Members, invited to attend this meet-up with Goodie Bag.


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