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Review: Eyes Cream in MapleLens

Eye Model : Rena (The Blog Owner)

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
I'm back with another colored lenses review sponsored by MapleLens.
Read more about MapleLens here.

I'm a huge fan of colored contact lenses and yes I can't live without them. I love them because they have the ability to transform my boring look into something different, more livelier and cute. Did I say cute? Oh yes I did.. Mm... hmmm..... hehehehe. Alright, alright, I'm not going to bore y'all with my cuteness. 

So now, Let's jump into the review, shall we?


My package arrived via Fedex in ONE day from Malaysia to Singapore. Yeap, I received them the next morning. Absolutely fast shipping! You can check out their shipping information here. My lenses came in a white lovely box with black cushion inside, wrapped in bubble wrap together with the cute animal lens case. Awww... so sweet and thoughtful! 

Lenses are packaged in securely sealed sterile glass vials. Before you open the vial make sure you check the condition of each lens from the bottom of the vial. Gently shake it, if it stuck at the bottom of the vial. You must also check their expiry date. 

My lens arrived in very good shape, no damage and no tear at all! Awesome!


Alrightey, let's take a look at the pictures below.
What do ya think?

Picture taken on natural light without flash.
Natural light is the best!

Picture taken indoor with Flash.
Please excuse my baby hair on the left side of my eyebrow.

Eyes Cream RayRay Gray
Price : SGD 25.94

Although I love bright color but I think these lenses look good on me. They have a beautiful soft smokey gray color. The color brightens my complexion and compliments my skin tone. These 3 tones effect of the lenses give me a natural and refreshing look. Perfect for everyday use and parties!

These lenses feature sparkling floral + feather like pattern with brownish starburst pattern around the pupil. The limbal ring is quite thick but not solid.

Absolutely comfortable and fit perfectly on my eyeballs. No redness, tears or eye irritations for up to 8 hours.

14.5mm is just nice for me. 

Customer Service:
Super excellent customer service. Very helpful and friendly. They respond pretty fast via e-mail.

I have no worries to wear them because MapleLens provides best quality genuine Korea products with CE and KFDA approved. All their circle lens case are CE approved too! Perfectly safe to use. I ain't got no problem wearing them the whole day. My eyeballs still in good shape and normal. They are so comfortable and natural on my eyeballs. The 3 tone gradient blend nicely with my eye color. You can wear them from the office to an evening night out. For me, I just play around with my eye makeup and I'm good to go. Wanna know how I do it? Check the following techniques.

Transition daytime eye makeup into evening eye makeup:-
  • Blue winged liner + Eyes Cream RayRay Gray = Everyday Eye Look
  • Blue Smokey eye makeup (smudge and blend the blue winged liner till get the smokey effect) + Eyes Cream RayRay Gray = Evening Eye Look (Wanna extra pretty, add some glitter on your lid).

I love these techniques because they are fast and easy! 

I'm uber happy yaw, with my Eyes Cream RayRay Gray! I'm also uber happy with their uber excellent customer service and quick shipping. You should check out MapleLens now!


Alright Dolls, I know these lenses are safe to wear but you still have to take extra precautions when wearing them. For me, I will make sure I keep my hands, fingers and nails clean before I touch my eyes and lenses. If you have long nails like me, please don't remove your lens using your nails. For me, I will use my fingertips (index and thumb) and gently remove them. Please read more tips on how to care your eyes here.


What do you think of this color?
Feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below.

Disclosure : I received sponsored product from MapleLens. I am not getting paid for this said brand.  Images above were taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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