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Get your Complimentary Beauty Services at DFS Galleria.

* Sponsored Beauty Services Review

Hello My Beautiful Friends! A couple of months ago, I wrote about my experience with DFS Galleria Beauty Concierge. It was my first and had a great experience there! Read about my first great experience with them here. DFS Galleria Beauty Concierge provided professional service and gave me the best beauty advice. Guess what? I went back there again, .... with my mom! 

So without further adieu, let's jump right into it!

Mini Tour

Now, let me show y'all bits and pieces of their private lounge.
Let's have a Mini Tour, shall we?

Upon arrival at reception counter, you will be greeted warmly by their Highly Trained Beauty Concierge Specialist. They will usher you into their intimate, private lounge with plush furnishing and soothing music. 

Oh yeah... a very comfortable lounge area where your hubby or boyfriend can rest or Z..z...z... while you enjoy your treatments.

The area for facial treatments is simple, very relaxing and equipped with comfortable facial bed, blanket, soft lighting and soothing music. Oooh... Heavennnnnnn.........

This is their makeup counter for a quick touch-up after facial. 
Don't worry, the specialist will do it for you.

High End Products

They use high end products/brands and provide the best treatments to suit individual needs. 
So, let's check 'em out!

The Orchidee Imperiale range

Estee Lauder
My mom's fave brand. 

Yeap! My fave brand!
Visionnaire and Genefique range.

Dior Prestive White Collection.

Creme de la Mer
Luxury and excellent products. 

DFS Beauty Concierge also use other high end products/brands such as Kiehl's, Helena Rubeinstein, Jurlique, Giorgio Armani, Clinique, Clarins, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Biotherm, M.A.C, Origins, SKII and many more.

Special Treatments for my Momma

Skin Analysis, Treatments & Products

As I mentioned earlier, I went to DFS Galleria Beauty Concierge with my mom. She opted for skin analysis plus treatment and Full Makeover plus Hand Massage for Miss Rena. *For your information, each client is limited to 2 services per appointment. So we received these services separately and my mom got the first session.

Before proceeding with the facial, Eileen (Beauty specialist) used VISIA Skin Analysis to analyze my mom's complexion. I have explained a little bit about this machine in my previous blog. 

Once my mom's complexion have been mapped, the machine will captured a multi-dimensional image of her face then the results were generated and available for viewing. After that, Eileen helped my mom to choose the perfect facial and product recommendations based on the results (skin type and condition).

She highly recommended and used these sets of Estee Lauder high performance skin care products on my mom's face. Guess what? My mom loves the products so freaking much! I'm sure y'all wanna know more about these products. Alrighty, let's check it out!

ESTEE LAUDER Perfectly Clean

Triple Action Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover
3 in 1 cleanser, toner and makeup remover. Very convenient and ideal for all skin types. 

Multi-Action Toning Lotion/Refiner
Gentle toner plus exfoliator reveals brighter skin.

ESTEE LAUDER Re-Nutriv Radiant White Age-Renewal 

Radiant White Age-Renewal Serum
A velvety serum that delivers up to 5 times the level of White Tuberose and other key ingredients for dramatic whitening benefits.  Beautiful optics provide an instant radiant glow.

Radiant White Age-Renewal Creme
An oil-free elegant, gentle creme that absorbs quickly to bathe skin in rich hydration while delivering superior whitening benefits.

Radiant White Age-Renewal Lotion
A silky, comforting treatment lotion that nourishes and re-balances skin, helping to create the ideal environment for superior whitening benefits.

Replenishing Comfort Eye Creme
Deep hydration for eye area. Brighter, more radiant look.

Radiant UV Base - SPF 50/PA+++
Exquisitely sheer, luxurious and ultra protecting. 

After facial, Eileen did a quick makeup touch-up on the model..ahem... my mom... hehhehee..... 

Special Treatments for Me

Hand Massage 

Let's move on to the next session. Meeeeee ..... woohoo! Yong Yuan Bing (Beauty Concierge) used Jurlique Hand Cream - Flavor Lavender and gave me a very relaxing hand massage. *Heaven*......

Full Makeover 

After a 20 minute hand massage, I proceeded to Bobbi Brown's makeup counter for my full makeover performed by a Professional Makeup Artist, Sitti Ruhanei. She used Bobbi Brown to make me look Beautiful. Oh yeah! I love Bobbi Brown and even bought some of the products for myself. Fret not, I will be doing another post on makeup haul. Stay tuned!

Overall Opinion

We had a rolling good time together with DFS Galleria Beauty Concierge Services. The specialists are very professional, helpful and courteous. We have learned a lot of tips and tricks from them. Yes, we would highly recommend everyone to try and experience their luxury beauty services. To my International friends, please do not hesitate to shop at DFS Galleria and experience their luxury beauty services. Remember, you have to make prior appointment for their services.

The Services

Skin Analysis

Performed with Complexion Analysis
Advanced multi-spectral imaging technology captures digital photos of the face and measure wrinkles, evenness, pores and pigmentation. Skin features are graded and analysis provides you with the comprehensive data needed for a rejuvenation plan and ongoing skin care program based on your specific complexion requirements.

Skin Treatment

Moisturizing Facial (20 Mins)
Ideal for dehydrated or dry skin that requires a boost of instant and long lasting moisture. Leaves skin dewy and glowing.

Anti-Aging Facial (20 Mins)
Revitalizing treatment that improves skin tone, tightens pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increases collagen production to reveal younger, healthier-looking skin.

Whitening Facial (20 Mins)
Brightening treatment that reduces hyper-pigmentation for skin that's soft, even-toned, lightened and luminous.

Rejuvenating Eye Treatment (15 Mins)
Rejuvenating eye treatment to reduce dark eye circles and eye-bags, diminish signs of fine lines and eye contours will look smoother and firmer.


Hand Massage (20 Mins)
A luxurious hand massage using the client's favorite hand cream/treatment product.


Makeup Touch-Up (15 Mins)
A quick makeup touch-up to stay flawless looking from day to night. A glamorous refresh for client's on the go.

Full Makeover (45 Mins)
From soft and sophisticated to total glamour. A full makeover application for any occasion, performed by a professional makeup artist.

Group Makeup Lesson (60 Mins)
A step-by-step makeup lesson/workshop for clients to learn expert application tips and tricks from a professional. (Maximum of 5 people per group).

Airbrush Makeup (15 Mins)
High definition makeup application that looks flawless, lightweight and natural from every angle and up close.

Eyebrow Shaping (20-30 Mins)
Expertly shaped, beautifully balanced, finely defined brows designed to perfectly fit your features and face.

Personalized Service

Personal Beauty Shopper/Concierge
Includes professional skin and makeup analysis followed by a personalized shopping experience in the beauty world.

Events and Workshops
Ask the DFS Beauty Concierge about their schedule of upcoming beauty events, makeup demonstrations and new product launches.

Custom Engraving Service (15 Mins)
Personalize a bottle of fragrance, lipstick or selected beauty products with a custom-engraved name or special message.

All services are complimentary (100% Free), by appointment only and limited to two services per appointment.
 To enjoy their services, all you have to do is to make a prior appointment with Beauty Concierge either via -
email : or
 phone : +65 6229 8107
Limited to two services per appointment as the space is dedicated to serving only one customer at any point in time.

DFS Galleria Singapore
25 Scotts Road
Singapore 228220

Opening Hours
10:00 - 22:00 (Sun to Thur)
10:00 - 22:30 (Fri & Sat)


Disclaimer: We were invited to have complimentary beauty treatments and services offered courtesy by DFS Beauty Concierge and said brands. I am neither affiliated with DFS Beauty Concierge nor said brands and not getting paid for this post. Images above were taken by me unless otherwise stated.


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