Saturday, 12 May 2012

How To Get Rid of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips can be horribly painful and unsightly, not to mention embarrassing. 

How to get rid of chapped lips?  You don't have to spend a bomb on looking good.  Make your lips soft and silky smooth by following this fool-proof guide.
  1. Dab a thick layer of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly onto your lips.
  2. Use a soft bristled toothbrush to get rid of the dead skin.  Gently brush your lips in a circular motion. Don't brush for too long.
  3. Rinse your lips with water and apply thin layer of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your lips.
  4. Repeat this process whenever you feel necessary and eventually your lips will start to feel soft and smooth.  Don't neglect the process and keep doing it properly.

Finally you can say Goodbye to Chapped lips and say Hello to Soft and Kissable Lips!

Girl blowing kiss

Have you ever had chapped lips before?  What are some other tips?

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