Saturday, 28 July 2012

How To: Simple Pearl Bling Headband

Hmmmmm....... do you prefer Blings or Pearls?  Me??  Ahem, I want both! Free AvatarsAlright, alright, I am a Bling Queen.  A very sparkly type person, but I am also a pearl fanatic.  Pearls are timeless and beautiful.  There is something about their classic beauty and sophistication that I find so attractive.  Blings are magnetic, charismatic and so hard to resist.  Whether they are faux or not, when you combine them together, the result is Fabulously Chic, Darrrrling!

I love, love, love everything blinged out.  I bling out anything and everything you could ever possibly imagine.  Bling out accessories is something that will never go out of style and work with every season.  You can always take something plain and boring, bling it out and make it your own.  So here I am going to show y'all on how to bling out your plain headband into something simple and fabulous.

Batting Eyelashes
Let's Bling it On!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Homemade Makeup : Gel Eyeliner

Hey Dolls!  I have something to tell y'all .... I am so obsessed with gel eyeliner.  Eyeliner is part of my daily routine and without it I just feel naked. Actually, I feel dead without it!SmileyI still recall the day I freaked out so hard in my bedroom, all by myself.  Why?  I freaked out because I ran out of gel eyeliner and ain't got no time to run and get it from the store.  Whilst I was mentally freaking out, I took this opportunity to try and nervously make my own gel eyeliner out of my eye shadow.  It turned out great and I it so freaking much!  So now I'll show you how to make your own gel eyeliner.
Let's check it out! 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

How To: DIY Ear Studs Storage Organizer

I love collecting earrings especially studs.  I used to store my disorganized cluster of ear studs in a box.  If your ear studs aren't organized, you won't be able to find the pair you're looking for when you need it.  That's not cool, because usually if I can't find what I'm looking for, I will pull my hair with smoke coming out of my ears.Smiley  In order to save my hair and time, I came up with this awesome way to store and organize ear studs.

I used plastic storage cabinet with multiple small drawers to store and organize ear studs without getting mixed up or even worse LOST!  It's also great for storing cocktail rings.  I love how it turned out, so I wanted to share with you all.

Are you ready?  Let's Rock 'N' Roll!Smiley
What you will need:
Image 1:
  • Plastic storage cabinet with multiple small drawers
Image 2:
  • Swarovski Crystals or Rhinestones
Image 3:
  • Foam Paper Sheets
  • A pair of Scissors (for cutting and trimming)
  • Double-sided Tape (for holding the Crystals/Rhinestones in place)
  • Ribbon (Any colour)
  • Felt Paper (Any colour)
  • Measuring Tape
Outer part of the drawer

  • The ribbon should be neatly wrapped around the drawer on all four sides.  Stick the ribbon around the drawer by using double-sided tape.  Remember!  Do not use glue as it will mess up the whole look of the ribbon.

  • Bling out the drawer front with Swarovski Crystals or Rhinestones.  Use double-sided tape to stick and place the Crystals/Rhinestones anywhere you desire it to be.

Inner part of the drawer
  • Using the fabric measuring tape, measure the inside (width & length) of the tray and write down the measurement.
  • Mark out the measurements on the foam paper sheet and felt paper using marker or pen and cut papers out.
  • Roll the foam paper sheet cut-out, wrap it in a piece of felt paper and tape the end in place with double-sided tape.  Repeat this for the rest of rollers.

Place the rollers side by side in the drawer like so:

Voila!  You can use it to store and organize all your treasures now.Happy

Girl blowing kiss

Have Fun!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Homemade Makeup: Eyeshadow Primer

What is Eyeshadow Primer? Sign Emoticons

Eyeshadow primer is a base applied on eyelids before eyeshadow to improve coverage and staying power.  If you've never used an eyeshadow primer before, you absolutely must-start.  If you don't feel like buying one, you can make an eyeshadow primer at home comparable to the higher-end brands.  Ahem,  allow me to show you guys a quick How-To, it's so simple and easy, I promise!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

How to BLING out your Old Boring Oversized Earrings
Hey Lovely Peeps!  I have a confession to make.  I confess, I'm a Bling FREAK and drawn to anything that Sparkles & Shimmers. I Love Emoticons BLING BLING! My BFF calls me a raccoon because I am drawn to sparkly things.  Hey! Raccoons are cute okay. :D Alright, enough about my craziness, confess away.  Now, I am going to show you how to Bling out your Old Boring Oversized earrings.

Let's Rock 'N' Roll!