Bucket List

1.   Start A Blog 
2.   Learn to sew professionally
3.   Makeover my bedroom 100% and happy with it
4.   Start photoblog and update it regularly
5.   Collect lashes from different brands
6.   Design and sew my own cat clothes
7.   Overcome fear of heights - Sky Diving? Roller Coaster? Bungee Jumping?
8.   More DIY to share with Blog Buddies
9.   Collect coins from all over the world
10. Create my own signature dish
11. Collect vintage treasures
12. Visit Korea
13. Create my own handmade strawberry shortcake
14. Concoct my own Mocktail
15. Set up Hollywood inspired custom vanity
16. Create a Youtube channel
17. Make my own Strawberry Shortcake
18. Instagram my Faves...
19. Try Foot Massage
20. Learn Dance: Flamenco, Raggaeton & Zumba
21. Spend more time with my Furry Sista
22. Swim with Dolphin or Crocodile? I'm torn between two lovers. Why not .... both?
23. Own a Polaroid Camera, Lomo Camera and DSLR Camera
24. Be creative. Make my own candles
25. Exotic Spa Vacation
26. Get a private pilot's license
27. Beauty Spa Experience - Slimming Treatment, Facial & Relaxing Treatment, Luxury Treatment
28. 1 day Shopping Spree in Killer heels.  Hell Yeah!
29. Knit a Scarf
30. Movies marathon with BFFs
31. Inspiration Wall in my bedroom
32. A GORGEOUS Chandlier in my bedroom and admire it 24 by 7
33. Make Rose Dumpling
34. Cook oxtail stew
35. Create my own fragrance
36. Krups Nescafe Dulce Gusto Piccolo
37. Go on a road trip! Yeehaa!
38. Visit Pyramids of Egypt
39. Revamp Work/Craft/Dressing Room
40. Eat raw food
41. Stargaze all night alone.... AWESOME!
42. Learn & improve my Photography skills
43. Set up mini library in my bedroom
44. DJ for a Night... WOOHOO!!!!
45. Eat more Fruits and be healthy.
46. Reupholster & Repurpose Old Furnitures
47. Learn kickboxing - Oh yeah! Don't mess around with me.... he he he .....
48. Grow herbs in small pots
49. Be a model for a day
50. Invest in Real Estate

I might add more things to my list but for now, I'm happy with all the things here.


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