Friday, 6 January 2017

Dr.Young Clear and Glowing Sky Mask with Jeju Citrus

Hello My Beautiful Friends! 
Today I will be reviewing Dr.Young Clear and Glowing Sky mask with Jeju Citrus. 
Sounds citrusy delicious but I must say that this mask is really amazing! 
So without further ado, let's jump into the review, shall we?


What is Clear and Glowing Sky Mask?
Jeju Citrus has been medically and consumed for its freshness since the Joseon Dynasty Era thus it has been specially cared by the Royal family. The peels is rich in Vitamin C and nutrients and with the ability to protect active oxygen. It helps to prevent skin oxidative damage and improve anaphylactic reaction of skin.


This mask contains Jeju Citrus. It is a brightening mask that targets on dull and darkened skin. Combining the brightening effect of tangerine from Jeju Island and White Flower complex. this mask improves your skin tone and complexion while providing deep moisture to skin.

How to Use
  • After using toner/essence, gently unfold mask.
  • Apply mask over face, adjusting on eyes and nose area first, then overall face to fit.
  • Leave on for 10-20 minutes, then remove gently.
  • Massage remaining essence into skin.


The mask packed in an orange sealed aluminium foil bag with easy to tear open.

Sweet and relaxing.

It fits perfectly on my face.

S$5.90 for 1 piece.. 
S$18.00 for bundle of 5 pieces.

Impeccable customer service. Responded promptly to my emails.




My Thoughts
Overall, I'm satisfied with the results. This mask helps to clear zit and brighten up your skin. I saw improvements in my skin after 1 use. Can you see the differences between these 2 pictures above? Amazing right? So yeah, this mask really works for me. It does not break me out at all.  No irritation and No redness. The size of the mask is just nice. It fits perfectly on my face and does not slide down or slip off easily. Yeap, I will definitely going to continue using this mask. 

If you are interested to try, you can purchase this mask from Dr.Young website.

Have you tried this mask? Leave your comments below.

Disclaimer : I am writing this post on my own accord for informational purposes only and no monetary compensation was given or received for this post. Opinions are based on my personal experience. Images above taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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