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REVIEW: Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask & Trilogy Blemish Control Gel

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Today I'm going to talk about 2 new products from Trilogy : -

1) NEW Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask
2) NEW Trilogy Blemish Control Gel

Alrighty, I'm not gonna ramble much so let's jump right in!


Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask 
For All Skin Types
With rosehip, kaolin and pohutukawa
Advanced Natural Skincare
Supports ethical trade practices, Recyclable packaging, Against animal testing, Non GMO
NEW Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask is certified natural by NATURE
Made in New Zealand

Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask comes in a dark colored, thick glass jar with a mini spatula for hygiene purpose and plastic lid to protect the product inside. The packaging is pretty simple but classy. Absolutely no messy fingers, germ-free and no wastage!

Color : Deep-blue grey.

Scent : Earthy mud and relaxing.

Texture : Luxurious, rich and creamy clay.

What :
Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask is formulated to deeply cleanse the skin, drawing out impurities and absorbing excess sebum. Revitalising, energising and purifying, this rich blend of botanicals leaves the skin soft, smooth and radiant. Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask is loaded with the following high quality ingredients:
  1. Kaolin clay - delivers instant radiance and thorough cleansing, promoting uniform skin tone and improved circulation. 
  2. Evening primrose and certified organic rosehip oils - nourish and hydrate.
  3. Native New Zealand pohutakawa and other carefully selected botanical extracts - help tone, soothe and regenerate skin.
How to Use :
Apply a thin layer to cleansed face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Allow mask to dry for 5-10 mins. Rinse off with warm water, using a face cloth for best results. Follow with an application of your favorite serum and/or moisturising product. Can also be applied to the T-zone as a specific treatment for oil control.

How often to use :
  • Dry or dehyrated skin - Once or twice a month will help to keep it soft and hydrated.
  • Oily skin - Apply mask weekly will ensure your skin benefits from the deep cleansing and purifying action.

Honestly, I love Trilogy Mineral Mask because this baby makes me feel like having a spa treatment in the comfort of my own home. It makes me feel like a million bucks. This mask helps to draw out impurities out of my skin, remove excess sebum and dead skin cells. It glides smoothly onto my skin and dries well. What I love about this mask is the way it makes my skin feel really soft, clean and fresh! I did NOT experience any burning sensation, tightness or breakouts. 

My preferred way to use Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask:
I apply this amazing mask twice a month on my entire face and once a week on my forehead, nose and cheeks. 

Alrighty, let's move on to the next product review.


Trilogy Blemish Control Gel
For All Skin Types
Banish blemishes for clear skin with rosehip, salicylic acid and mandarin
Advanced Natural Skincare
Supports ethical trade practices, Recyclable packaging, Against animal testing, Non GMO
Made in New Zealand

Packaging : The packaging is clean and simple. It comes in a tube with a small nozzle dispenser.

Color : Slightly orange beige out of the tube. Transparent once applied to the skin. 

Scent : Mixture of citrus, ginger, lemongrass and rosehip. Absolutely divine!

Texture : Fast absorption action, lightweight, invisible finish and non-sticky.

What :
NEW Trilogy Blemish Control Gel is a certified natural blemish gel. It contains Salicylic acid, an extract of willow bark, helps to clear congestion and debris. It also loaded with antibacterial properties of lemongrass and mandarin help control breakouts and aid healing. Other additional high quality ingredients such as cucumber to cool and soothe, ginger to help reduce inflammation and certified organic rosehip oil to help repair skin.

How to Use :
Apply directly to blemish 1-3 times daily. May cause skin flaking. Use only as directed.

Not only teenagers get zits but adults get them too. Like for example, I am not a teenager anymore but I still get 1 or 2 zits occasionally. Zits are extremely annoying, no question. Needless to say I hate zits so freaking much especially blind zits. They are extremely painful and will take a few days or a week to disappear. Usually they love to appear on my nose or chin area and it's tough to resist the temptation to squeeze them. Squeezing, touching and pinching zits can cause infection and get scars or dark marks. Therefore, it's best to leave them alone and apply Trilogy Blemish Control Gel on the zits. This gel helps my zits go away overnight without drying out my skin. 

My preferred way to use Trilogy Blemish Control Gel:
I use a tiny amount of Trilogy Blemish Control Gel and gently dab it onto my zits once before going to bed. 


Available at all Beauty By Nature
Selected John Little Stores

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  1. I have read so many great reviews on this brand and yours has finally convinced me to purchase a couple to try. Thanks for the great review!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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