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Pinky Paradise - Geo Tri Color Grey Circle Lenses Review

Hey Dolls! I'm back with another review on colored contact lenses from my favorite online store, Pinky Paradise! This time I'll be reviewing Geo Tri Color Grey Circle. 

Alright, if you guys have known me for a while, you know that how much I love colored contact lenses. I personally adore them a lot especially circle lenses. They make my life easy to change my eye color everyday and help improve my vision instantly. Yeap! I was born with imperfect vision. I have to wear glasses since I was about 4 years old. In my late teens, I stopped wearing glasses and switched to contact lenses. I don't like to wear glasses because they give me headaches. Mmm..hmm.. What about y'all?

So .. without further ado, let's jump right into the review shall we?


My Geo Tri Color Grey Circle Lenses came well packaged with bubble and red color foam wrap. They came to me in less than 2 weeks. How awesome! 

The lenses came with a cute macaron lens case. Nice!

Lenses are packaged in sealed sterile glass vials. Please note, before you open the vials, make sure there are no cracks, defects or leaks and check the expiry date. You also have to check the lenses in the vials. Make sure that they are free from nicks or tears and both share the same colors. 

Tips: Shake gently the vial if it stuck at the bottom of the vial.

Should you encounter any problems with the lenses, please do not hesitate to call Pinky Paradise for advise. So far, I have not encounter with any of these problems. Perfect!

To find out how to open the vial, please click here.


Product Name : Geo Tri Color Grey Circle
Price : $20.90
Diameter : 14.0mm / 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Lifespan : 1 year disposal
Prescription : -0.00 ~ -10.00
What inside : One pair of lenses and one macaron lens case

ColorBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
They have three shades that blend well with my natural eye color. Look oh so natural. 

Design / Pattern Beating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
They have no limbal ring and feature starburst pattern around the pupil.

ComfortBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
Super comfortable, soft, crystal clear vision without clouding and fit perfectly on my eyeballs. No redness or irritations at all. 

Enlargement Beating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
The diameter is 14.0mm / 14.2mm, same size as my iris. 

CommunicationBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
Prompt reply on email and fast action from their customer service. Friendly communication and helpful. You know me, I will ask questions until I am truly satisfied and happy ... oh yeah I am one customer from heaven.

OverallBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating HeartBeating Heart
Fast delivery, well packaged, no defects at all and Pinky Paradise provide impeccable customer service.

The lenses look natural on my eyes and I can wear them everyday and everywhere I go without looking too drama. Pssst.... you can wear any eye makeup with Geo Tri Color Grey Circle Lenses and you will look absolutely gorgeous, my friends!


Okay Dolls, Circle Lenses are generally safe and approved by Korean FDA.  Alright, they are safe but you still have to take utmost precaution when wearing circle lenses.  So, please read the following precautions prior to wearing the circle lenses.
  • Check with your eye care professional or eye doctor on your prescription before wearing any circle lenses.
  • Do not use your saliva (Eeew..G-R-O-S-S) or any water to clean your lenses. Always use Multipurpose Solution to clean, rinse, disinfect and store your lenses.
  • Do not swim, sit in sauna/steam or soak in hot tub with lenses on.
  • Do not reuse the liquid in the bottle as you need to soak the circle lens into multipurpose solution.
If you are first time wearer, remove your lenses immediately if you experience any pain or discomfort while wearing.  Please wear them in few hours (2-3 hours) on the first day and let your eyes get used to them before get them for full day (8 hours) usage.

Please read Pinky Paradise wear and care guide on how to insert, remove and take care of the lenses in routine manner.  Taking care of your eyes is very crucial as this will minimize the risk of eye infection or any unnecessary eye diseases.  Please read more about Pinky Paradise wear and care guide here.

Notes : The lens expiry date is calculated one year after you open the bottle.  



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