Wednesday, 25 June 2014

V 10 Plus Cleansing Gel : My New Fave Facial Cleanser

Hello Loves, we all know that daily facial cleansing is very important. Proper cleansing should be done twice a day. As most of us know that washing more than twice can dry out or irritate our skin. Another super important to note that we have to use right facial cleanser to get rid of dirt and impurities without stripping away the natural oils from the skin. 

Now, if you know me, I'm blessed with uber oily and semi-sensitive skin so I have to be careful in choosing skin care products especially cleanser. Anyhoo, yoohoo, currently I am using V 10 Cleansing Gel and I love love love it! So now let's find out more about it and fall in love with me! Ooh yeah!

V 10 Plus Cleansing Gel
Made in Japan

V10 Plus Cleansing Gel removes all dirt and makeup effectively. Reduces excessive sebum oil leaving the skin thoroughly clean and fresh. No Paraben, No Chemical Fragrance, No Artificial Color and No Mineral Oil. Suitable for all skin type.

Squeeze an appropriate amount of cleansing gel onto wet palms, lather up and gently massage it over the entire face. Then rinse off with water.

Absolutely best cleanser ever. As I have mentioned earlier, I am blessed with super oily and semi-sensitive skin. I have to be careful with what I use and yes, this cleansing gel works amazingly well on my skin. The consistency is fluid gel like and absolutely not harsh on my skin. This cleanser does remove makeup residue, sebum, dirt and impurities without drying my skin. It doesn't break me out!! Well, the reason why I love this cleansing gel because it's so gentle on my skin and easy to use. I also love the way it leaves my skin feeling softer, fresher and wonderful. 


When I first got it, I was like hmmmmm????? What is this?
I must admit that initially, I thought it was a cotton pad but it's not. 
So without thinking much, I just dumped it into a bowl of water and voila!

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Disclaimer: I was invited to attend V 10 Plus exclusive event as a blogger with a complimentary welcome gift. I am not affiliated with the said brands and not getting paid for this post. Images above were taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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