Thursday, 21 November 2013

My fave breakfast with MILO

Hello My Dear Friends! 
I have redeemed limited edition MILO goodies! Kewl!
So, y'all must be wondering, how on earth did I get these limited edition MILO goodiesssss..... right?
You really wanna find out how? Fret not, I'm not stingy when comes to sharing good stuff. Sharing is caring.
Here's how to YEEeeHAAaa!
I submitted photos of my yummy breakfast & MILO to MILO FB page, earned & redeemed points for the goodies and YEEeeHAAaa!
Unfortunately the goodies are fully redeemed now. Soyyieeee my dear friends... but fret not! Milo is currently running another contest "MILO Champions League" on their Facebook Page.
I let you know more about it at the end of this blog post hehehhee.......
Come on... read to the bottom of my post from the bottom of your heart ... Muack! Muack!

Here are the goodies I got.
Mini MILO Vans + MILO UHT 1 litre + MILO Powder 400g + MILO Tumblr


Here are some of my fave breakfast ideas to make at home to get you started.
My Fave Energizing  Breakfast 

Alright guys, you don't have to eat a cluster or bunch of bananas. 2 bananas and a glass of iced milo can boost your energy to pump iron in a gym. I am not a nutrition expert but that's how I gain my energy to pump iron every morning....

My Fast and Easy Breakfast

If you want something fast and easy. Have a cup of hot MILO and biscuits. 
So simple but so yummy.

My Hearty Breakfast on a lazy Weekend

Nothing beats a lovely, hearty breakfast on a lazy weekend.
Cheesy scrambled eggs + Hash browns + Tomato + Toasted Mini French Bread Roll + 
* Cold MILO with MILO ice cubes =

*How to make Cold MILO with MILO ice cubes?
Easy peasy... Check it out below.

You need MILO UHT 1 litre and Ice cube tray. 
Grab MILO UHT and pour into the ice cube tray. Place it in the freezer to set.
Don't forget to place your MILO UHT in the fridge not freezer.

Pop those frozen MILO cubes in a glass and fill the glass with the chilled MILO.

Voila! A nice cold MILO with MILO ice cubes.
Oh Yeah! My Favorrrrrriiittteee.....

To enter the "MILO Champions League" contest, click the link below, like MILO FB page & fill in the form.
You will stand the chance to win $1000 cash and Milo goodie bags worth $50.
Good Luck!


Disclosure : I entered MILO contest and redeemed the goodies. I am neither affiliated with said brands nor getting paid for this post. Images were taken by me unless otherwise stated.

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